Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Toddler Tuesday - with Natasha

Hey ladies!! I am so excited to have Natasha here from Schue Love today.  If you haven't been over to her blog you better get to it.  She has an amazing eye for home design (she and her husband to a remodel on their house in Tahoe), creates design boards for friends, has some of the most delicious recipes, and of course one of my favorite boys - Ethan.  I am still trying to figure out a way to have an arranged marriage between him and Ellie.....

Life on the Parsons Farm

Well, hello there!  I'm Natasha, mama of Ethan and blogger over at Schue Love.  Ethan is on the brink of two, which means he's also on the brink of a lot of fun times ahead.  You know, the terrible twos!  And we have already started to get glimpses of what that looks like.  So today, I share with you, the Five T's of Toddlerhood.  Get ready...it's a fun one!

1. Tantrums

Oh my...where do I start??  The toddler tantrums are in FULL effect.  As I type this, Ethan is on "time-out" for throwing a fit and pinching me.  Oy.  Tantrums at this age are no joke, but I try to remind myself that he's ultimately trying to communicate and is getting frustrated in the process.  Let's just say that once he goes down for bed, I am ready for my glass of wine.

2. Twins

Toddlers are notorious for wanting to mimic everything little thing.  He's like our twin, or shadow.  It's actually pretty comical to see how quickly he picks up on something we do.  He will follow my husband around the yard copying everything thing he does, or copy me putting on makeup in the morning.

3. Talking

Gone are the days where I don't understand a lot of what he wants.  He knows the words of things he really wants and once you acknowledge that you know, you can ignore the commands as easily.  On the other hand, the talking is really fun and so cute.  Ethan can say his own name now, count and mimic most anything we say {which is scary!}.

4. Teething

Ethan has most of his teeth now, but teething is a real part of toddlerhood.  Every time one of those suckers pop through, we sure know about it!

5. Treasure

Last, despite all the trial and tribulations of this stage, I constantly remind myself to treasure every moment.  I know this stage is fleeting and there will soon be a time where I miss everything about my little toddler.  

So there you have it...my 5 T's of Toddlerhood.  Would you add another T to the list??

Thanks for having me today Ashley!

xo natasha

Isn't she just the cutest - and that Ethan!! 

♥ Ashley


  1. Ah tantrums! I feel like that could be all 5! great post and cute photos!

  2. Tiring?? lol! Great post, N! :)

  3. Thanks for having me today!! And Courtney, I agree--tiring should definitely be one! ;)


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