Monday, June 23, 2014

{monthdate} 13 months

A few days late, but I am sure that Ellie will forgive me!  I have gone back and forth trying to decide how I am wanting to do Ellie's monthly updates for this coming year.  As she is no longer going to the doctor as frequently (fingers crossed) the stats will be on an as found out basis. I know that she changed so much in her first year but will continue to do so in her second year as well.  While these changes might not be quite at "monumental" as her first year milestones I know that these ones are going to be so much fun.  We have a lot to look forward to and so far she isn't disappointing!

I can't believe that my little girl is already 13 months old.

Here is what she has been up to:

- Since Ellie had her first birthday I had the opportunity to take her one year photos and had so much fun with it.  I am now inspired to take some classes to really learn how to use my big girl camera!  

- We celebrated her birthday with family and friends. The weather was gorgeous and girlfriend was so blessed by the love she was given! Some of her favorite gifts have been her cell phone, teepee, wagon, and car, but lets not forget her tea set - now she can leave mine alone!!

- We went on a mini vacation to Newman Lake.  Ellie was a pretty good traveler and thoroughly enjoyed sharing a bed with me at night!  One morning she played so hard that she fell asleep while eating her breakfast only to wake up about 10 minutes later and start eating like nothing happened! We also went out on the boat and she got had to wear her life jacket - she was not pleased with that one bit! She did however get to drive the boat and she enjoyed that part.  We saw lots of wild deer and she got to have a visit with her birthmom, birthgrandma, and birthbrother.  I think Ellie's favorite part was getting to spend the whole weekend with us and her Nanny and Papa!!

- The weather was pretty lovely and she had many opportunities to go out for a ride in her wagon around the farm to see all the animals.  Of course the Goats (Annabelle and Penelope) and Paladin are her favorites.  She is pretty good at following the directions and rules of riding in the wagon - she must be sitting down and holding onto the railings.

- We got to celebrate Father's Day and had Thomas' family over for some ribs, pasta salad, corn bread, and other yummy goodness.  Thomas had a pretty fun day just relaxing and spending time with us!

- We also celebrated Thomas' birthday with dinner out a few days before and then pizza at home after he went out with some co-workers to watch the World Cup game - his birthday present was the win!

- Ellie has also started walking like a maniac.  Now that she has it figured out its all that she wants to do.  We are no longer in the crawling phase of life - so now we really need to start baby proofing our home.  We already have gates (thanks to the dogs) so all we do is gate off our entryway and the kitchen.  We only have a few cupboards that are "off-limits" so we need to invest in a few child locks.

- One of my favorite things is that Ellie can now play in her room.  It's so fun to have her toddle into there and then start playing with her bedroom toys.  Plus it is super fun to watch her play in her room through the monitor.  I just love this stage so very much!

My dearest Ellie Faith how I love you so!  Every day is just that much more fun and you truly have been a total blessing in our lives.  I love your sweet smile, how you wave and blow kisses and your little giggle.

♥ Ashley


  1. she's so precious and I love all the outfits you put her in. too cute. Love that now a days people keep up with even the 1 mth and so forth.

  2. Love her in that hat in the first photo! Solo play is the best thing ever! It's important for them and for us - win win! I did monthly updates for the first 2 years and it worked well for us. By the end of year two they were getting a little much though. I'm not sure what I'll do now - maybe quarterly updates?

  3. She just gets cuter and cuter! Her little walk looks so sweet! You're going to have the BEST summer!!


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