Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Little Things - our weekend getaway

We had a mini road trip this past weekend.  It was a total blast and I just loved being with our little nugget for 4 1/2 days straight! Ellie was a total champ during the weekend and her little go with the flow personality gets me every time! I feel so blessed to have her in our lives.

We went to Newman Lake, its just about 20 minutes out of Spokane.  We have been before and just loved it so much!  This time was a lot of fun because we got to bring Ellie with us!  Despite the home we rented being disgusting we really did have a good time.  We have rented homes many times and they have always been great, but this time was new.  The lady barely cleaned the place (if at all) and there were dead bugs all over the window sills, back of the couch and in the corners.  Each time we went into the bathroom there was another spider! Not to mention there was a giant hole in the middle of the living room floor - dangerous with a brand new walker (yes Ellie is walking!).  We already complained to the owner of the home and are writing our very honest review on the place.  At least we know that we aren't going to use that lady again!

 Girlfriend was a star at taking naps - she now has this new thing about sticking her right leg up in the air!

We went to the lake with my In-Laws, it was so great having them there not only for the company but to also help keep Ellie entertained.  She sure does love her Nanny and Papa!!

Being that we stayed on a lake the in-laws brought their boat.  Ellie finally had the chance to get out on the water - needless to say she was less than impressed (especially with the life jacket!)

 Our little serious boat driver!
even though this wasn't her most favorite thing - she did very well.  However, she was the most excited when we finally too the life jacket off!!

While we were on our getaway it was Nanny's birthday.  We headed out to our fave spot in Spokane - Tomato Street and enjoyed our meal.  Ellie had a great time too.  She got to draw for the first time, eat play-dough, and find her favorite way to sit in a high chair (legs up!)

 I don't know about you but this doesn't look very comfy!

her first masterpiece!

obligatory feet with water/tanning picture

On Sunday we headed out to Coeur d'Alene to a splash pad!  This was Ellie's first time (in a bathing suit too) and she went WILD!! I am sure we are going to have to frequent these places often this summer with her!

 the water was freezing but that didn't stop her!
 my swim suit
 Ellie's swim suit

She was a happy camper!

 Girlfriend was tuckered out after all our splash pad fun!
 Wildlife at the lake!

Later on Sunday we met up with Ellie's birthmom for a visit.  I have to say that I love her so much for giving us the opportunity to be a family.  We so enjoy our visits with her and are so thankful that we all get along.  Ellie also got to meet her older birth brother and it was so fun seeing how much they look alike!  We went to a fabulous park and E had so much fun!  The ground of the park was mostly a squishy rubber - great for new walkers!

 swinging fun!

 both Ellie and her birth-brother LOVE the swings!
 honey i shrunk the family!!

All in all I would say we had a total blast and are looking forward to our next visit to the lake (preferably in a different house!).  Ellie was a trooper and while she got sick of the car she was still pretty pleasant - not to mention she was working on cutting TWO more teeth on top!

It's these little moments that stick in my head and I never want to forget! Thank you to Ashley and Jess for reminding me to stop and treasure the little things!

♥ Ashley


  1. Yuck! I'm sorry that your house didn't turn out to be nice! But the rest of your trip looked so fun!!

    And, am I seeing correctly? Is E's hair seriously lightening up?

  2. yuck about the house - that's awful!
    The rest of the weekend sounds wonderful! Yay for splash pads and boat rides! That nap with a leg up is hiliarous! Callie is still a butt in the air sleeper -it's even funnier as she gets bigger!


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