Wednesday, March 25, 2015

{monthdate} 22 Months

How can my baby be 22 months already??? This is by far my most favorite age yet, Ellie is walking, talking, running, climbing, laughing and tantruming.  I love it all!!

No real stats for the little lady.  She is mostly wearing 18-24 month clothes as well as some 2T thrown in there.  Girlfriend is a little short cake and most of her pants need to be rolled up (same with the sleeves on her tops).

Her vocabulary is growing by the day and it is so much fun.  She still says a lot of words that are only known to her but she does give long winded explanations for some things.  Some new words are: cuz (when asked why), AhhhBow (for Annabelle our goat), Pooper (for Cooper our Minpin) and Kari (for Sakari our husky) cocks (socks), cockacocka (clock), flwer (flower), cow and MeeeMee (for Mickey and Minnie Mouse). She can point to and say eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and toes.  She says boots and shoes and knows the difference and prefers to get mine!!  I love that she is able to communicate and point to what she wants, it is really helping to avoid some meltdowns.

I would say that Ellie is a fairly adventurous eater, she just doesn't always eat a lot.  Surefire wins are always broccoli, peas, chips, cooked carrots, and corn.  She also likes beans and is now a fan of sausage (or other ground meats).  Usually we can get her to eat bread and some pastas (Macaroni and Cheese on Wednesdays and Fridays).  Her favorite snacks are goldfish, cheerios, rice chex, and "cookies" aka crackers, although she loves herself some peanut butter cookies.  Still cannot get her to eat chocolate (and I am totes okay with that one!!) but likes ice cream.  Anytime we go through a drive through and I get a paper bag I can hear her yelling "Flies flies!!!" for some fries!  We mostly have Ellie eat whatever it is we are eating, its just usually deconstructed into the individual parts.  The best thing we have found for her is a frozen gogurt, I'm sure it feels great on her gums and its not as messy as regular yogurt.

We went to my brother inlaw's beach house this month and Ellie loved putting her hands in the rocky sand.  She was also a great helper when we played cornhole (grabbing the bean bags and putting them into the holes!!)  It was so fun for her to have a chance to spend time with and get to know my side of the family a little better.  Ellie loves to be outside and we try to take advantage of it every chance we get.  One of the nanny houses has a swing set in their back yard and she could spend all afternoon out there.  She is my little sidekick and I just love that she enjoys running around doing errands with me.  I am working on her manners so everywhere we go I make sure she says Hi and waves to the workers, if we get something then I have her say thank you, wave and say bye, tell them to have a good day, and blow a kiss.  Of course its adorable and I am so pleased that she is figuring out the routine and can do some of it on her own!!

Since we got back from Disneyland (here and here) she is a huge fan of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, so we have started to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, she loves buses and cars, and is really showing an interest in her stuffed animals.  She got a Daniel Tiger stuffy and he has become a fast favorite.  She has also found where I keep the pacifiers in the diaper bag and will be "sneaky" and pull them out.  She really only gets to use them for naps and sleeping so I think she thinks she is being really "cool" by getting it herself.  

Tantrums have begun.  They aren't too bad and I hope they stay that way.  Most of her "tantrums" happen when I tell her no or that she cannot do something.  Her outbursts vary between crying, pouting (hilarious), or face planting on the floor.  So far the longest one has lasted about 90 seconds to about 2 minutes.  Her favorite word to say is "NO", and when I tell her we need to change her diaper she tries to "hide" by faceplanting on the floor or couch, I guess she thinks if I she can't see me I can't see her!!  When she gets this way I usually tell her that its not necessary to behave that way and if we are out in public I tell her she needs to calm down because no one there wants to listen to her crying to which she replies in the most pitiful tone "otay mama!"

She totally makes up for all of her misbehaviors by all the love she shows us with random hugs and kisses.  Oh My Word it is so precious for her to just come up and give a kiss on the knee, or hand, or arm or wherever she can reach. 

My sweet Luella Faith I love you so incredibly much and I am so glad I get to spend everyday with you.  I wouldn't trade a moment of this life with you!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. So sweet! Happy 22 months to your baby girl :) You're lucky her tantrums only last 2 minutes lol, ours have been 1/2 an hour or more with our little drama queen!
    XO Kelly

  2. Aaahhhh I love, love. love this age. Two is just around the corner, eeekkkk!!!

  3. such a fun age!! two is even better because oh my goodness the talking - it's so fun! She's just a cutie pie!

  4. Ahhh! So sweet! What a fun age!!! Ellie is too cute!!!


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