Monday, March 2, 2015

Painting, Gardening and Decorating

What a weekend! I feel like I accomplished so much but also still have a long list of things to do. Does that ever happen to you?  

On Saturday I got our kitchen all set up for Ellie to do her own type of painting project. 

Painting a St. Patrick's Day canvas. I loved the one she made for Valentine's Day that I knew I wanted to do it again for my birthday holiday!  Of course I was too busy managing the mess that I didn't get any in process pictures but I love the end result!

I am looking forward to many more years of these projects!

After our crafting I headed to our local garden nursery to learn how to care for and prune our roses. I came home and got to work in the garden pruning our roses (and weeding as well). I hope this will make a difference and we will get plentiful blooms this year. While I was at the nursery I also picked up some more plants (I'm addicted) for both inside and outside the house. I got the indoor plants all potted and displayed in the living room and our bathroom. 

There is something about the black shamrock that calls my name every year and finally I picked one up!

Oops, I guess you get a small sneak peek of our bathroom!

Then I also did some more styling on our mantle for St. Patrick's Day. I just love the addition of Ellie's artwork!

I think I might need some sort of garland? Along the top of the mirror or the mantle?

Then on Sunday I got to work painting. But first let me share a little bit: 
Okay, so growing up we used to pick blackberries for pie and jam that my mom would make. I discovered that there are two kinds of "pickers" scatter pickers and complete pickers. I tend to be in the scatter picker category, what that means is that when picking blackberries you don't stand in one place for very long because you are picking the berries that catch your eye and seem "easy" to pick. The complete pickers will stand in one spot and get ALL the berries they can that are ripe and ready.

I think this quality comes out in other facets of life as well.  I am a great project starter but am lacking in the completion process because another idea or project catches my eye. Lets take our bathroom makeovers for example.  I started Ellie's bathroom makeover last April and I still have some "finishing touches" that I need to do before the project is complete. I've had all the supplies but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Then I decided to start doing a makeover on our bathroom and Ellie's took a second backseat!!  Well this weekend I took care of some of the finishing touches (in both bathrooms). Ellie's bathroom had all of the trim and white paint complete, now I just need to touch up the green paint and do all the caulking!! Then a that is really left are light fixtures (not a priority) and a new shower curtain and we will be done!!  While I was in the process of painting the bathrooms I thought I would paint another coat on our kitchen cabinets .. See what I mean? Scatter picker err, project'er. 

So anyways here is what Ellie's bathroom looks like now. I am so happy that all that godawful 1989 wood trim is gone from this room!!

Oh and since I had the paints out I did my own little St. Patrick's Day art. 

How was your weekend?

♥ Ashley

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  1. How cute is that little painting! Your house looks so pretty!

  2. I think a little garland would look so cute on your mantle...I always love how much they add to a space!! How did you do the canvas painting?I feel like Cam would just mix all the colors and make a mess...maybe I need to give him a little more credit and let him try. ;)

  3. Oh my gosh, I'm SO a scatter picker, too!!! So many almost-done projects around here - what gives?? Also, love the St. Patty's art. What paints do you let Ellie use? We tried Crayola washable once but little man of course got it all on his hands, then wiped his face and got it in his eyes, agh! I've been hesitant to use real paints since then and we've been sticking to watercolor. What's your secret? Also, happy birthday month!! Parker's b-day is the day after St. Patty's and I feel the same way like everyone is celebrating! It's awesome!

  4. I am loving the canvas idea...I might need to try that one, plus St. Patrick's Days is my absolute favorite!!!

  5. So cute! That's a great idea for toddlers to get involved a make a little something special for St. Paddy's day! I need to get out my paints for Odette :)
    XO Kelly

  6. I think everyone does house projects like that! The last 5% or so always seems to take up the most time! Going from "almost done" to "finished" is a huge leap!

  7. So cute. I just love little canvas projects.

    I hear you on completing a project my gallery wall in my living room has been almost done for a LONG time now. Eventually I will finish and write a post about it.

  8. I totally love her canvas art!! It's just perfect on the mantle! I've never heard of a black shamrock --- that's pretty fun. When they're I'd love to see pictures of your roses. We had a whole rose bed in CO and are hoping we have the right spot for them here too. But you know first we need grass so no more mud, then a driveway, then pretty things lol


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