Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ellie's 3rd Birthday

Ellie's 3rd Birthday landed on a Saturday this year and we decided to have her party on her actual birthday.  

To start off the morning Ellie and I went to the doughnut shop for some birthday doughnuts!  She was so excited!!

When we got home we had coffee and doughnuts and then got ready to head out and pick up stuff for her party.  Ellie got to choose her theme this year and as much as I tried to persuade her into a "Lets go Under the Sea because Ellie is Turning Three" party she decided on Frozen after perusing the party theme aisles at Party City a dozen times.  We had to pick up her cake (ice cream cake from BR) and the sandwiches (Jersey Mikes) and then back home.

When we got back home we had a quick lunch and put Ellie down for her nap.  During her nap we set up a few more decorations and finished getting the house ready.  When she woke up I got her into her party dress (which thankfully still fit, it was her flower girl dress from my best friends wedding back in August) and it was perfect for her party!! 

Our Little Princess

I love her gold crown that we got for her 1st birthday and love that she still can wear it!! But we got Anna and Elsa crowns and she opted to wear that for her party.

Anxiously waiting for her guests to arrive!!

We really simplified this year on her party and I have to say that I loved it.  It was the easiest and most laid back I have ever been for a party and Ellie had a blast with her cousins!

For the food we had all of Ellie's favorites:
Sandwiches from Jersey Mikes
Chips (chippies as Ellie likes to call them)
Strawberries and Grapes

We served water and soda for the drinks.

It may not be the prettiest table but everyone was full and satisfied (and we had sandwiches left over for lunch the next day!)

We had Frozen playing on the TV during the party and the girls had so much fun singing and dancing, but they also had fun playing with all of Ellie's toys.

After eating and watching some Frozen it was time for presents.  Luckily Finnley woke up just in time to join the party.

And Ellie being the best sister demanded to hold her as soon as she saw her!

Then it was time for presents and Ellie kept asking if they were all for her in the most amazed voice! Girlfriend really hit the jackpot this year with some super cool toys, like binoculars that will be perfect to take to the zoo (if only I can remember them!), a play doh kitchen set, a super cool trainset from my dad - he knows the way to her heart, and a ride-on Firetruck from Nanny and Papa - who also know the way to her heart.  Thomas and I gave Ellie a dollhouse from IKEA that I hacked and I love how it turned out...she was the most excited about Firetruck and could have cared less about the dollhouse!

Nanny and Papa got Ellie a Sophia the First birthday card that came with Sophia's amulet and Ellie insisted on putting it on!

How cute is that firetruck?!!

The dollhouse! I painted, wallpapered, added windows and shingles.  I am so pleased with how it turned out and it really doesn't look like it's from IKEA.

After presents we had cake and the girl at BR did an amazing job! She made a snow/ice scene and then we added Ellie's MagicClip dolls for decoration. Because Ellie doesn't like chocolate (I know!!) we got a strawberry cheesecake ice cream with white cake.  It was soo good!!

I think Ellie liked it

And if you ever get a cake from BR with blue frosting...the dye is very potent!! ;)

After the party Ellie had so much fun with her train set and has been playing with the play doh every day!!  I am pretty sure that she had a fantastic time but the highlight for my little pyromaniac was when she got to blow out the candle!

Happy Birthday my Sweet Ellie Faith!! I love you so

♥ Ashley

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  1. So sweet! I just love that picture of the four of you!! Her Frozen cake was also adorable :)

  2. We did the laid back party for both girls this year and you're right- it's great! I love the Frozen theme with her dress. It was perfect :)

    And I'm with Ellie, I'm not much for chocolate either ;)

  3. What a beautiful little princess !

  4. What a perfect way to celebrate! I LOVE the chalkboard art you did and that sisters outfit coordinated too!


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