Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 8

I don't know how it's only been a week since the last weekly because it seems like last Wednesday was forever ago. I guess that means that we've been pretty busy and just soaking up all this newborn stage!

Week 8

Eats: Same as last week except we switched to level 2 nipples and haven't had the blockage problem. One thing that is different this time around is that I practice all sorts of different feeding holds rather than just having her on the Boppy and feeding the "traditional" position. It's been nice switching it up and having more freedom when feeding.

Sleeps: girlfriend is still a rockstar at sleeping.  We had a couple of days where she slept nearly 11 hours!!! meaning she didn't get up until around 8am.  We still have her wrapped in her swaddle and she is happy to sleep in her infant seat, car seat, bassinet, or in the boppy on the floor or couch.

Goes: the usual suspects of gymnastics and swimming lessons for Ellie, out to dinner and then over to Nanny and Papa's to celebrate Nanny's birthday! We also made a trip to our local zoo (we're members) and tried to beat the heat by going early in the morning.  Finnley also had her first baby sitting experience on Friday with Nanny and Papa (and Ellie too) because Thomas and I had an appointment for tattoos, Thomas added a Lotus flower to his arm, and I added another bird to my side tattoo and got the 5 birds colored in with the birthstone colors of my angel babes due dates. We also went to a mall nearby that has a Disney Store and they had a special event for Finding Dory, Ellie had a blast and Finnley slept the whole time. 

Loves: Smiling!! Girlfriend has finally mastered the smile and does it all the time now!! Thomas caught this sweetness and I couldn't love it more!!  I am also loving the matching dresses I picked up at Old Navy for Finnley, Ellie, and Me and they are on sale right now too!!  I also have been wearing my Ergo quite a bit and I remember how awesome it is!!

Does: holds her head up, enjoys sitting up (with assistance), cries during diaper changes, is starting to hate tummy time unless she can chill on the Boppy, and just likes to hang out.

Of Note: Finnley did very well during her first babysitting (of course she did) and is just a growing machine.  I really wouldn't be surprised if she has grown at least 1/4" from her last appointment.  We also got her Birth Certificate in the mail!! which was awesome but sucked because we got it 3 days after we sent in her Passport application...fingers crossed we get a Passport for her!

Mama: I remember praying and praying for an awesome baby like Ellie but a better sleeper and I just cannot tell you how great it is for that prayer to be answered.  I know we are only 8 weeks in and that 3 month regression could be looming but I am just hoping that Finnley babe decides to keep this up!  I also pray that we are raising our daughters right and for God's guidance through all of this.  I have been feeling really stressed lately about my employment situation and am really hoping that I can find a part time Nanny job that will be a good fit for my family.  I know that there are some super easy changes that I can make on my part that will help to alleviate the stress but I actually really enjoy working, but at the same time just being at home and on my own schedule is pretty awesome!  I feel so much more relaxed this time around (even though I felt pretty chill with Ellie) and am just trying to soak up all this goodness.  Though I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to this little learning to sit up on her own, it's a major game changer ;)

Sister: I feel like a broken record when I say that Ellie is just the best sister.  She is constantly telling us how much she loves Finnley and is always wanting to give hugs.  She is the sweetest heart and I just hope and pray that I can raise both of these girls to appreciate each other and to be good friends.  Ellie also went bananas when we all had on matching outfits and now I think I will have to make more of an effort for us to coordinate with each other, because honestly it's what GirlMom's dream of!

These two have my heart!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Oh my goodness I can't believe she is 8 weeks already. The time goes by so fast friend, especially in the summer! Love hearing that these two are peas in a pod.


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