Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 11

Week 11?!!! Damn it's going by so fast. This has been quite the week for Finnley with a doctors appointment with shots, an airplane ride and going to the beach in another country!!

Week 11

Sleeps: we've had a couple of days that have been off, but girlfriend is still sleeping through the night which I am so pleased about. Her naps seem to be better if we do a bit of tummy time first and then wrap her up in a swaddle. She slept well in the Ergo on our travel day and the heat here in Mexico seems to be working in our favor...

Eats: formula and more formula. Our doc said that we could do solid food if we wanted but we're ok with the formula. I think it's weird to feed food before babes can sit on their own so we'll be waiting until then. 

Goes: we had her 2 month doctor appointment and she got two shots and an oral vaccine. Somehow girlfriend fell asleep while we were waiting for the doc and she got a rude awakening with the shots. The nurse let me hold her for the shots and the second one made her bleed :( but she was a champ for the oral (Ellie on the other hand just spit that stuff out). Finnley babe went on her first plane and just like her big sis her first airplane trip took her out of the country! She also got to take a dip in a pool and just like Ellie her first time at the beach was in a different country! 

Does: Finnley went on her first shoulder ride this week, is all about smiles and is getting pretty good at holding her head up and sometimes when she's on her back she will do a crunch!

Loves: she is finally starting to keep a paci in her mouth so I think that she is becoming a fan, also she doesn't seem to be too particular in which paci she gets!  The Ergo has been a life saver on our trip and she really just loves to sleep. 

Of Note: at her doctors appointment Finnley measured in at 25" long and weight over 12 pounds, so whatever we're doing is working. 

Mama: we are 11 weeks in already and it doesn't seem like it's been that long! We are getting in a groove and I'm seriously just head over heels for this babe!

Sister: same as all the weeks before, Ellie is 100% obsessed with her little sis. She's been begging to hold her all the time this week and threw a fit in the airplane when I told her she had to wait her turn to hold Finnley. I just love how much Ellie loves Finnley and watching their friendship grow is nothing short of a dream come true. Finnley also seems to be growing find of Ellie and is more expressive now so Ellie is finally getting some positive feedback! 

♥ Ashley

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  1. Precious girls! Sisters are the best!

  2. They are just the sweetest together. Time sure does fly!

  3. So fun that her firsts were pretty special =)

  4. Goodness girl, I want to go back to Mexico now!!!!!!!!!!


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