Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekending - Retirement Party and Father's Day edition

Y'all it seriously blows my mind that we are already half way through June!! I have no idea how that happened because I'm pretty sure we just had Spring Break!! 

Fortunately or not, here we are and we had ourselves a super busy weekend.  Friday morning started off with a Migraine (my third one of the week....) that took several hours to recover from.  Ellie was great at just snuggling up under a blanket on the couch while we watched Toy Story 2.  The love that Ellie has for Toy Story is indescribable.  Finnley on the other hand was a bit more needy, so unlike her!

Once I was on the mend and my meds kicked in, the girls and I headed out to the farm to feed the animals and play around a bit.  Well Ellie played and I scooped poop with Finnley in the Ergo. We made our way into the goat pen (where Paladin our miniature horse lives too) and Ellie had a blast playing on all the goat toys, then I looked over and caught this picture! 

Paladin has been in my life since I was in 6th grade.  I am pretty sure my love for him has never been as strong as Ellie's love for him! She absolutely adores him and getting to see my sweet girl create this love of animals and the opportunities to get to have a horse at 3 years old is a dream come true to my younger horse loving self!!

After our farm adventure we headed inside, had some lunch and played a bit before it was naptime.  Finnley was really trying to party all day but I was finally able to get her down for a nap at the same time as Ellie, all the praise hands emojis.  While Finnley napped I caught up on Reign on Netflix.  I am not sure why I am so into this show because it is completely not historically accurate but I really do enjoy the story line regardless.  Not only that but the show has sparked an interest in Mary Queen of Scots, the conflict between Protestants and Catholics, and how women were treated like property that I have done some research on them and have learned a lot!!

We ended the evening with some Pizza and watched Zootopia! What a cute movie, and I can totes tell that I am turning into my mom because I will cry and get emotional over everything!!!

Saturday morning I woke up 10 minutes after I was supposed to leave for work! So I rushed there and was only 3 minutes late (no I didn't speed!).  After I finished my shift I headed to the local Farmers Market to pick up some more fresh market flowers and a pie for Father's Day.

When I got home we did some playing around the house with Ellie, had lunch and then put Ellie down for her nap early...well attempted to get her down early.  My dad is retiring after 40+ years of practicing medicine as a General Practitioner and closing up his practice.  We had his retirement party on Saturday and we needed to leave during Ellie's naptime to head up and get the room set up for the party. 

All of the cousins (on my side of the family) were there along with a bunch of other little kiddos.  Ellie was in heaven playing with all of her new "friends", she is SO friendly! Not only was this a Retirement Party for my dad but it was also a Send Off party for him because he is flying over to Jordan to be a doctor to the Syrian Refugees through a missionary organization.  He will only be gone for a couple of months, but we are going to miss him something fierce, please pray for his safety and health while he is overseas.

Then on Sunday, Finnley and I went to church with my dad and we had a lovely lunch at my sister's with all the leftovers from the party - so it was a Charcuterie and cheese board, I live for those!  And some more cousin time.  My brother has 7 month old twin boys who are just 2 inches taller than Finnley!! and it was so nice to spend time all together.

After lunch with my family, Finnley and I headed back to my Inlaws for a Father's Day BBQ with Thomas family.  Ellie had a total blast with her big girl cousins and cried and cried when it was time to go! We were so busy the whole day that I was too into living up the moments to take any pictures - blogger fail!!

I hope y'all had a fantastic weekend and showed some love to the Father's in your life, whether they are already a Father, soon to be Father, Father to children who have passed before or after birth, or the Father's longing to be.

♥ Ashley


  1. Looks like a fun father's day! Love the pics by the lil adorable!


  2. Love that you got to spend some time with your dad. I do the same thing at family events-I get caught up and then have no pictures to show for it. Sounds like you had fun!

  3. I totally feel the same way about Reign! I always think the clothes are so not historically accurate but they are so cute and that is definitely one of the reasons I am drawn to the show. I also totally relate to realizing that I am turning into my mother as I get older!

  4. Aww looks like such a great weekend! I loved your pictures.

  5. Aw! Such great pictures!!

    And yeah- I definitely cry over things more now than I used to!

  6. I'll have to check out that show! It sounds really interesting! Also I would have been THRILLED to have a horse at 3 :). This sounds like a great weekend. That family party sounds fun!


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