Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly- Week 9

Here we are again with another seriously feels like these weeks are just flying by!  It really just blows my mind that Finnley has been in our lives for only 9 weeks - it seems like she has always been in our family.  This week was pretty full and I was just so busy living it that I really didn't take many pictures!  I know this happens and the memories are great but I miss the documentation of it - I will try to do better this coming week.

Week 9

Eats: nothing new here except we really haven't had too many spitups and her hiccups are fewer and farer (is that even a word?) between so that has been a nice change.  We are still using level 2 nipples and have used up all of our free formula so we are getting the giant one from Costco.  I feel like Finnley is more of a cluster feeder than a scheduled eater - which actually seems to be working quite well.  Generally she'll eat a 4oz botter per feeding, but sometimes it's only 2 and others it will be 6.

Sleeps: when we started the adoption process again this time, Ellie and I prayed every night for a healthy babe - and one that was a better sleeper than Ellie.  So far God has answered our prayers and girlfriend has been very agreeable when it comes to sleep. Not sure how we got so lucky but she is sleeping through the night! (which is more than I can say for Big Sis...) She's been going down around 9pm and not up until around 6am!!! She naps throughout the day and I have been able to lay her down to sleep while still awake and she is able to just put herself to sleep.  She doesn't enjoy rocking our bouncing...just laying there works for her!

Goes: this sweet girl is up for anything and has been the best go with the flow babe! We went to gymnastics, the zoo, a new friends house, and out to eat.  She is just up for anything as long as she gets to be with us.  Sometimes she is awake during our excursions and other times she just sleeps through it all.

Loves: we got this little stroller type toy (similar) for Ellie and we have now given it to Finnley and she is an even bigger fan of it.  She's been really into putting things in her mouth so to distract her from her hands (thumb sucking is soo hard to quit) and avoid thumb sucking we have given her this little toy and it seems to do the trick!   I have been all about the Ergo this week and have gotten lots of use out of it.  Those darn infant carriers take up so much freaking space in a shopping cart there isn't any room for the food!! So I have started to wear Finn when we go grocery shopping this week and it makes the trip so much easier. I have been using both of my Ergo's because the one with the infant insert can be a bit of a challenge sometimes so I also use the one without and they both work just fine. I never had an infant insert with Ellie but I have appreciated it with Finnley - though she is much bigger than Ellie was when I first got the Ergo so I feel just fine about not using the insert.

Does: smiles so big in the morning, I love that she wakes up with such a happy heart! She is becoming much more interactive which I like so much better, can roll onto her side, holds her head up, dislikes tummy time (sometimes) and is getting better with diaper changes.

Of Note: she turned 2 months this week and I'm in love wither her monthly picture! She is wearing a bow that I made and not only is her smile adorable but she grabbed a hold of the flower!!! A girl after my own heart. We got her passport in the mail, which was such a relief and I don't think I will ever tire seeing my girls legal names on documents!  Now that we got her passport we can go on our family vacation to Mexico!! We weren't sure if we were going to be able to go if we didn't get her passport in time.

Mama: just living this life with these two is a dream come true.  We have had our rough days and I have lost my temper more than once but I wouldn't trade it for anything!! Having the opportunity to watch and nurture a relationship between these two girls is nothing short of amazing and I thank God everyday for this life.

Sister: I feel like I just repeat myself every week in this section of the weekly update but it continues to ring true.  Ellie is still so obsessed with Finnley and is a great big sister! I had a feeling that she was going to embrace this role but I had no idea that she would be such a rock star about it!!

♥ Ashley

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