Monday, June 13, 2016

What a Weekend - Supper Club and the Zoo

Our weekend was full and busy and wonderful!

Friday was full of two girls sleeping and I mean how cute is little Finn with her hands by her head?!!! I just can't take it and if you know me then you know I love to watch my girls sleep...they are so calm and peaceful.

The rest of Friday is actually a blur.  Dinner was a recipe from the June BHG magazine and it was so simple and easy, it was Chicken with Basil Sauce and a Cucumber Radish Salad.  I couldn't find any sprouts at the store so I just used lettuce and it was still delish.  Definitely something that will be going on rotation. (Spoiler Alert: it was so good we had it on Sunday for dinner too!)

Saturday Morning I woke up bright and early and continued binge watching Reign on Netflix, I am almost done with season 1 and I seriously cannot stop thinking about it.  Netflix is terrible that way...that you can watch an entire season/series in a matter of days...but oh it is so wonderful for the same reason.  After an episode I went to check in on my loves (Ellie fell out of her bed in the middle of the night so Thomas went in to keep her safe) and I just couldn't help myself!!

I was actually able to cover someone's shift at work (PTL) in the morning so I headed out and since I was near town I stopped by the Farmers Market on my way home and picked up these beauties...nothing beats fresh flowers.

When I got home Thomas was so kind to help clean up the house since I was hosting Supper Club that night.  He helped watch the girls while I got stuff ready (including myself - and how about that hair)

After the girls got up from their naps Thomas helped with a few more things and I got my lovin's on my girls and then they headed out to his parents house for dinner.

Supper Club is so fun - not everyone can make it but I love the opportunity to entertain and fellowship with other ladies - that is one thing that a lot of SAHM's are missing out on since we are basically spending our days with toddlers!

Here is what I served:  

All of the recipes can be found in this book and most of them have been delicious.  I have made this dinner before and loved it so much, I was so happy to have it again.

I set the table with my favorite china - it's an old vintage set my mom got shortly after she and my dad got married.  It has a special place in my heart and I have so many fond memories eating dinners off of these plates that to get to use them again...words cannot express my gratitude.

I mean how gorgeous are they?  I love the gold trim, the green leaves and the set comes with so many pieces.  I used my wedding glassware (similar), wedding silverware, and these adorable napkins along with one of my mom's lace tablecloths.

And some beautiful farmers market flowers 

The cheese plate was one of my favorites.  I remember when my mom used to host dinners she would put grape leaves under the cheeses and that was so pretty.  On my cheese plate I had three different cheeses, some pretzel crackers and a salami along with some fresh cherries in a bowl.

Try though I might my caprese towers kept falling over...oh well

We had a great time and I drank too much wine (1 1/2 glasses...) and awoke with a migraine.  But look at this cutie!!  She loves to hang out in her lounger and we just gave her this toy we had for Ellie (similar, similar) and she is obsessed with it!  She likes to suck on it and has been a pretty good soother for her, we don't want her using her fingers or thumb for that.

Then after some coffee, feeding the animals and watering the vegetable garden we got ready to head out to the zoo.  We are members and try to take advantage of our membership by going often.   We finally remember to bring Ellie's "nockers" or binoculars with us and she insisted on using them backwards.

It only took us 4 trips but we finally were able to see the elusive Cougar.  He (or she) is usually hiding behind a tree in the back of her area but on Sunday she was out in one of her "caves" and that was so cool! After the cougar we saw the Bobcat, Ellie's favorite, and he was hunting a bird and climbed up one of the trees a bit trying to catch the bird!! It was super cool.

After checking out all the cats it was time for our Tram ride and it seemed like all the animals were out this time.  Our tour guide was the best yet and so full of interesting facts and information.  The tram ride is about an hour and Ellie was fantastic for 55 minutes of it ;) and Finnley was a rock star in the Ergo.


Baby Bison calf with her Mama

The beautiful Mountain Goat.  There are only two in the park and we actually got to see both of them.  The other one was out across the lake when we first took off (between the trees in the Caribou picture) but this one was right on the side of the road and it seriously made our trip! #goatfarmers

And then towards the end we caught a glimpse of this gorgeous Elk...all I wanted to do was get out and pet his nose!! He is so beautiful and I cannot believe how lucky we were to see him, get this close to him, and that I was able to snap this picture of him!! Thank you iPhone 6.

After the tram ride we got an Ice Cream cone to share - it was so good we couldn't stop for a picture - and then Ellie wanted to go to the playground.  She always wants to go to the sandbox but I told her she had to play in other areas first and since she was in her rain boots we let her go in the "river"  she loved splashing around in it!

After playing around at the park for a bit it was time to head home for lunch and naps.  After naps the babe wanted to chill on the couch like a big girl!!

Then we had dinner and that was about the extent of our weekend.  Full but great and this coming week has so much to look forward to!  Thomas birthday, Father's Day and my Dad is finally retiring and we're having a retirement party for him on Saturday.  Then in a couple weeks he will be heading our to Jordan to work as a Doctor in the missionary field - more on that later.

Happy Monday Friends! 

♥ Ashley

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  1. Sleeping babes are the best. Never gets old seeing them sleep. I love the little river in the play area of the zoo, that is really pretty!

  2. Love the picture of Thomas under those girly blankets. Too too cute!


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