Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 10

How has another week gone by already?  Gosh this one went by so fast and Finnley just keeps growing and becoming the sweetest little girl!

Week 10

Sleeps: pretty much the same as every other week.  Although her napping schedule has been sort of out of whack and she is a little bit harder to get down for naps...maybe I should try swaddling her for naps too.  But she is just so darn cute on the boppy and infant seat!Thankfully she is still sleeping through the night which is such a blessing.  I am thinking that we need to get another baby monitor, so we can just move her into her crib at night since she is sleeping so well.

Eats: we are still using the Dr. Brown's Bottles and really like them and the level 2 nipples are still working their magic.  We have actually been starting to just make 6 oz bottles since sometimes Finnley seems to be extra hungry and we've learned they can just go into the fridge if she doesn't drink the whole thing in one feeding - so much nicer than what we did with Ellie!

Goes: my dad had his Retirement/Sending Off Party this past weekend and we had a super fun time celebrating him.  He is a general practitioner and owned his own practice for over 40 years!! He's not done yet as he is moving to Jordan for a few months to provide medical care to the Syrian Refugees!!   The girls had a fun time and we enjoyed showing off our sweet Finnley girl.

Does: I don't think we have anything new going on except that Finnley is all about the smiles when she wakes up in the morning.  She has also been a little more vocal about things in her life and definitely startles much easier than Ellie did.  She is still holding her head up and we love having her sit on our laps while holding her hands to work on her neck, back, and abdominal muscles.

Loves: we are loving our activity mat for tummy time (which Finnley is no longer a fan of...) and have been using a mirror to try and make it more fun - not working, but Ellie loves it ;)  I am still really liking my Ergo and I think that maybe she is getting a bit too big for the infant insert. I haven't used my sling wrap in a few weeks but will try it out again this week - I really do like it.

Of Note: one comment that we are constantly getting is "Oh my she is so alert!!" I don't know if people just forget how alert babies really are or if Finnley really is more alert than most's a mystery to me but I thought I would jot it down this week.  Finnley has her 2 month appointment on Friday and I am looking forward to seeing how much she has grown!  

Mama: this week has been a little rough with Finnley's nap schedule being unpredictable - it's made getting my self imposed chore list completed a real challenge.  But that is life with a babe and seriously she is the perfect addition.  I love her facial expressions, figuring out what makes her smile, and getting spit up on (j/k).  Her cuddles are the best.  

Sister: Ellie has continued to be a fantastic big sister! She loves Finnley so much and is always wanting a hug or a kiss.  This week though she has become fascinated with Finnley's eyes, so I've had to keep a watchful eye on her to ensure that she's not poking them! The highlight of Ellie's day is when Finnley is awake and she doesn't have to be quiet anymore!  Also we have been working on keeping Finnleys hands out of her mouth and now Ellie is assisting in enforcing that rule (if only she could do it herself!).  These two are my favorites and I thank God everyday for making me a Girl Mama x 2!!

♥ Ashley

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  1. I'm confused by your statement about putting bottles in the fridge if she doesn't finish them. On most formula (maybe all?) it says discard formula after one hour after feeding start time as bacteria can form. Do you make formula and pour only a few oz in at a time?

  2. <3<3<3<3 She is such a precious little girl!!!!!

  3. oh how very cute!!! LOVE the last pic with both of them!!


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