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The Wednesday Weekly - Week 7

This week has gone by in a flash but then I have to remind myself that it's only Wednesday (I seriously thought that it was Friday...)  What a week we've had and it's been extra special because Thomas only has a 2 day work week, thanks to built in snow days that didn't get used!! We have been living it up with Dada home and our schedule has been a little off - but I wouldn't want it any other way because family time is always the most important!!

Week 7

I seriously still have to pinch myself that Finnley is already 7 weeks old, but also that she is only 7 weeks old! Weird how that works.

Eats: same old formula.  We've been using the Dr. Browns bottles forever and I love them, even though washing all the parts is kind of a pain...but lately we've been having an issue with the nipples.  I am not really sure what the problem is but they seem to be getting clogged up and nothing is coming out so we are having to squeeze them to try and "pop" out whatever it is that's creating the blockage?  At first we thought it was from our Brita filter because there would be little black flecks in the water, but when we stopped using it and just went with straight tap water we are still having the same problem.  We are using the same formula but maybe it's because sometimes the temperature of the water isn't room temp? But when we use warm/"hot" water it blocks up then too. Any ideas?? Thankfully Finnley doesn't get too upset (like at all) when this happens and she just waits for us to figure it out. For the formula we have been mostly using the Similac Sensitive (which is what we used with Ellie) and I love that it comes in a non-GMO option! (and you can find it at Costco) but we have also tried the Similac for Spit Up and that has been a good option as well.

Sleeps: we have been so blessed with a good sleeper this time around.  I honestly thought that Ellie was a pretty good sleeper but Finnley has proven me wrong...I just hope this continues.  We get a pretty decent stretch out of her at nighttime.  She has generally slept from about 9:30/10:00 pm to around 5:00 am and it is glorious! She does have the occasional wake up around 2:30 but mostly just sleeps through.  We have been swaddling her and love our Halo Sleepsack Swaddle (similar) I love it because of the zipper but it's a newborn size and starting to get a bit small for our big girl!  We also have a few of the Summer Infant Swaddleme and these are great too, they were a must with Ellie and I love how light they are, perfect for warm summer nights.

Goes: we finally made it up to Snohomish, which is a quaint little town a couple hours North of where we live and it is full of Antique shops.  Nearby is this amazing nursery called Flower World and seriously I want to buy all the flowers...I may have an addiction.  I know this because I don't really think twice about spening $100 on plants but have the hardest time spending more than $12 on a curling iron...see I have problems, or maybe it's just my priorities?  Anyways, I have been dreaming of going up there for a few weeks and we finally made the trip.  Finnley was the best little traveler, I wore her in my Ergo and she just slept practically the whole time.  I got a new Ergo with the infant insert and OMG it is so much better than the old one I had for Ellie!!  Even though it is a navy blue one if I keep a headband on Finnley I don't seem to get asked if she is a boy, which is always nice!  Other places we went were to Thomas' brother's house for our niece's birthday, to Nanny and Papa's a few times and then out to IKEA for some more frames, my favorite

Loves: we traded out the swing (because we just weren't using it) for the Infant Seat with vibration and it has been used way more!  We can easily move it around to different parts of our house (or outside) and it keeps Finnley in a more upright position so she can see what's going on.  She also loves to look at her hands - not sure if she knows they're attached to her or not but she just gets mesmerized watching them move around.  She is a huge fan of the bath (so different than Ellie was) but has taken more baths with her sister than alone...which Ellie loves, not sure if Finnley really cares ;) Like I mentioned she did so well in the Ergo that I have to mention it here too.   And our Carseat Cover (similar) has been so awesome in helping the babe to sleep and stay calm in there, we didn't have one for Ellie and I am wondering why!!!

Does: holds her head up, waves her hands for entertainment, grunts...a lot!, rolls over from tummy to back and back to side, smiles, and hiccups on the daily.  She doesn't spit up as much so that's been nice this week.

Of Note: she can fit into 6 month size sleepers and likes to kick her socks off.  We have an appointment to get her Passport later today and hopefully we will get it in the mail in a few weeks!  Girlfriend (and family) is planning on going to Mexico but we need her passport!!  The little "ledge" on her head is becoming less noticeable and thankfully she still has her white spot!  Her hair is starting to grow in more and I just can't wait!!

Mama: being the Mama to these two girls is seriously the best thing.  I love seeing their relationship grow and to witness how much Ellie loves her sister!  Not only that but having the chance to see Finnley in the clothes that Ellie wore is the best.  I am so thankful that I get to have these memories made in time and that Thomas has been here this week to create even more!  Just sitting in our house (or driving in the car) and looking at my daughters is unbelievable.  This is something that I have dreamed of and yearned for so long that sometimes I have to pinch myself, to make sure that this is actually happening!!

Sister: I should probably start tallying how many times Ellie just randomly says "I love Finnley so much!" because I am pretty sure it would be more than 100.  She just always has to give Finnley a kiss, know where Finnley is, or make sure she is okay!  She also gets so incredibly excited when Finnley wakes up from one of her naps, I can't even describe the excitement in her voice when she says "Finnley awake?!!?!?!?!"  Everyday I just can't believe how good she is at being a big sister and every night I pray that they will grow to have the bond of best friends.  I know that there will be sibling rivalry and they won't always like each other, but I just hope that I an raise them to be sisters who want to be friends...and right now I think we are headed in that direction.

♥ Ashley

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