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{Travel Diaries} Disneyland February 2016 - Day 4

I can't believe it's time to recap our last day in Disneyland.  These trips are so much fun and really let us forget about everything and just enjoy our time together.  

For our last day we wore our personalized t-shirts we got from my friend Kendra and lucky for you she has an etsy shop so you can get your own too!

When we booked our stay at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel part of our package included a Breakfast with Characters at the hotel restaurant "PCH Grill" unfortunately the morning we had our reservations booked the kitchen was having some issues so the restaurant was closed...they were able to shift our reservations to one of the other resort's Character Breakfast so we chose to go to "Storytellers Cafe" at the Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

We were greeted at the door by Koda from Brother Bear...I think Ellie was pretty excited.

Once we were seated at our table the Chipmunks and a few other characters were walking around the dining room and came to get photos with Ellie.  
Here she is with Dale:

The breakfast was a buffet style and it was so great to have the opportunity for Ellie to try a bunch of different foods.  She loved the bacon and watermelon.  The other really cool thing was since Ellie was under three she still got to eat for free...I love Disney!!

Here is some other food offerings: bacon, sausage, eggs benedict, sticky french toast, mickey waffles, scrambled eggs, and hashbrowns.  The bacon and sausage were super good (I mean you can't really screw that up) the french toast was yummy as was the waffle but as you can imagine buffet style eggs benedict doesn't quite work.  Overall though the food was pretty good and it was so fun to see Ellie's excitement with the characters walking around.

Meeko, from Pocahontas stopped by:

And the Dale walked by again and Ellie just had to give him a hug.

After Breakfast we made our way over to Critter Country in Disneyland to go on Splash Mountain, since it was just opening up.  We took Ellie on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh while we were waiting for the other to take their thrill ride.

We walked towards the New Orleans Square to check out the Disneyland Railroad (which is currently closed for refurbishment due to the addition of Star Wars Land being built) and they had one of the Engines available to walk around and check out. (plus you could walk across the tracks to check out the other side)

Ellie had the opportunity to pull the horn cord but she was too scared it was going to be "really loud".

Then off to Tomorrowland to the Star Wars Launch Bay to meet Kylo Ren!! 

but first Boba Fett

Waiting in line for Kylo Ren and all Ellie wanted to do was hang on the bars...a gymnast in the making ;)

Finally it was our turn for Kylo Ren and Ellie was just smitten.  He seriously might be one of my most favorite characters and his voice was on point!! He cracked me up and now all Ellie talks about is "Come to the Dark Side" there is that.  I think I could go on and on about how much I loved him but I will stop right here: LOVE!!!!

To Fantasyland we go for a spin on the Tea Cups!!

And then we braved the line for the Storybook Land Canal Boats.  I think we waited over 30 minutes which is about 20 minutes past what I like to wait for lines....but it was so much fun and we got to ride on the Peter Pan boat.  Plus Nanny and Papa joined us for this ride and Ellie can never get enough of them!

Back to the hotel Ellie went for a nap...what a tired girl.  Thank you Nanny for taking one for the team. This is the text I received barely 5 minutes after they got into the room...

Meanwhile we made our way to DCA and the line for California Screamin' was decent so we hopped into the Single Rider line and managed to get in the same coaster!

We then headed back to the room for a little break and the babes was still just in a deep sleep:

that face!!

Once the pumpkin woke up, Nanny and Papa made their way into the park for a few rides and we got Ellie in her swimsuit to go to the pool! She was pretty excited and probably would have stayed there the rest of the afternoon! (I have the cutest video of her running down the hallway to the elevator to go to the pool and she is saying all sorts of adorable stuff)

Some other kids who were in the pool brought some pool toys with them and were super kind to share with Ellie!

After the pool we changed back into our custom shirts and got in line to meet some more of the characters.  We found Donald and he had a pretty short line!  The same as Daisy from the day before - all Ellie wanted was to get all up in his beak.

Then a picture with Walt and Mickey is a must and I love that we are all in our shirts!!

One of the things we talked about for this trip was to try and do things we hadn't done before (or in a really long time)  And shows were on the list.  We finally made it to Mickey and the Magical Map in Disneyland and it was so cute!! Ellie got a little restless towards the end but I'm so glad we got to see it.

We finished off our last night in DCA at Cars Land with a ride on Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, this time just the two of us while Ellie went with Nanny and Papa.

When the ride was over we had just enough time to walk down to Luigi's for DJ's Dance and Drive.

It's where DJ from Cars drives into the intersection and then there is a dance party. All the kids get to go up close and dance around.  Ellie had a blast and even got one of the cast members to dance with her...but that wasn't enough she needed Nanny too!!

It was a night to remember!!

The next morning it was time to pack up and go on the airplane to head back home.

and Ellie did what she does best on the plane....sleep!

Disney done right!!

Thank you so much for sticking around to see how our latest trip to Disney went.  We are so looking forward to our next trip and it's coming up!! We're heading back in November as a family of FOUR!! I can't wait to take Finnley for her first trip to Disneyland and Ellie is so excited to share it with her.

♥ Ashley

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