Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Patchin' Weekend

Last weekend we celebrated the first weekend of October with a trip to a local farm stand that is full of pumpkins.  Ellie had a blast, Finnley was in good spirits and despite runny noses and a sore throat (on my end) we had the best time!!

I don't know what it is about pumpkins but they just speak to me.  Not only are they festive for Halloween, but they are also indicative of the fall season.  I love decorating with pumpkins, eating pumpkins and drinking them too!  Ellie had so much fun digging into their guts last year that I'm sure she'll be a fan this year and I have hopes of getting a giant one so that I can hollow it out and stick Finnley inside...because honestly is there anything cuter than a babe in a pumpkin??

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers" it just couldn't be any truer.

Ellie had the best time telling Finnley all about pumpkins, halloween and everything orange.  But more than that Ellie had the best time running around the stand checking out the tractors, pumpkins and all things fall.  While Finnley was an incredibly good sport and let me set her down on all sorts of pumpkins to take pictures.

That baby profile though!!!

warty pumpkins are some of my favorite

but the green and white ones sure are special

while I'm not sure if anything can beat a Cinderella pumpkin

could possibly be the fairytale pumpkins though! I just want them all!!

meanwhile Thomas was busy following Ellie around and she wreaked havoc had a blast!!

And then trying to reign her in and get a picture of the two of them with the tractor and my favorite pumpkins was a challenge for least one of them is looking!!

Seriously it was so much fun and I kind of want to go to another one this weekend...even if it is raining....

♥ Ashley

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