Friday, October 21, 2016

Our Sugar Goblin 2016

Last year I introduced y'all to the cutest new Halloween tradition, The Sugar Goblin!! It is similar to the Elf on the Shelf but for Halloween.  Our Goblin is seriously the cutest little guy around and gets himself into some curious shenanigans in hopes that Ellie will share some of her trick or treating candy with him to take back to his village so he and his family can eat for the rest of the year!! In return for Ellie's candy our Goblin will probably leave her some sort of treat in exchange!

We are lucky that Ellie isn't too much of a sugar head but she is getting older and that might start to change here pretty soon, except I cannot get that girl to eat chocolate!! So I am pretty sure she will be perfectly fine sending the Goblin home with all the chocolate.

Just like our Elf, our Goblin is a pretty low key guy and doesn't get himself into too much trouble or require me to have to clean up after him.  Ellie loves to look for him every morning and laughs at the predicaments he gets himself into.  I can see this tradition going on for years to come and will probably still do it when the girls are teenagers - because what is a holiday without some whimsy??

Have you heard of The Sugar Goblin?  Check them out on IG @thesugargoblin FB: The Sugar Goblin and get your own online: The Sugar Goblin

♥ Ashley

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