Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!

It's Halloween! Finnley's first holiday of the season and we are all just so happy.  We are going to have a Witching good time and hope y'all do too!

There is something so special about the holidays when you have little ones.  Now that we have two is double the fun and double the trouble ;) At least now I have another babe to blame all the pumpkins on, haha.  

Speaking of pumpkins, we finally made it out to another pumpkin stand to pick out pumpkins for carving.  Here in the PNW we have a lot of rain (especially this past week) so carving pumpkins weeks before the big day is a frightful sight since the pumpkins generally rot and fall apart before Halloween.  So the last couple of years we have waited until the Sunday before Halloween to carve our pumpkins and yesterday was the day.  Ellie picked out two pumpkins and graciously allowed us to carve a third pumpkin for Finnley.  We had a great time doing this activity with my Dad.

Ellie requested a Mickey Mouse, a Minnie Mouse and a Scary Pumpkin...the Minnie Mouse didn't quite turn out right so we made a Scary Pumpkin on the backside.  And then for Finnley I carved your traditional Jack-o-lantern face with TWO teeth because girlfriend is sporting two teeth.  I love how they turned out and you don't need the "perfect" pumpkin to make your creations come to life.

I love that we now get to take these fireplace pumpkin shots with Finnley too, but they sure do take a lot more time and effort ;)

Finnley sure was a peach and I'm reminded how much easier babes are to photograph when they are stationary.  I love this little girl something fierce.

Ellie just gets funnier and more hilarious as the days go on.

My two happy happy pumpkin girls.  

Ellie wanted to join Finnley in her pumpkin shoot this year...Finnley was less than pleased with her sister crashing.

"get your hand off my pumpkin"

"this is my pumpkin"

"why do you have to crash my party?"

♥ Ashley

Pumpkins 2013a 2013b
Pumpkins 2014
Pumpkins 2015


  1. LOVE that Mickey pumpkin. It looks like a great time of celebrating!

  2. haha, Finnley's expressions are so cute

  3. Looks like a fun Halloween! Love your photos!


  4. Your girls are adorable!!! Glad you had a fun Halloween!!! <3

  5. First holidays with new kiddos are just the best! Your girls are so freaking adorable, I can hardly stand it! I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

  6. So great ! I love these photos. I feel like I am in the warmth of your kitchen


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