Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Lately Post

Y'all, I have kind of taken a break from blogging...have you noticed?  It's been totally unintentional but I have been lacking some inspiration.  I have a couple of posts in my drafts folder and then a few that are pretty deep content wise mulling around in my head for the past couple of months.  I just haven't been putting this little space of mine on the top of my priority list.  But trust me...I am super excited to be sharing all of these posts I have in the near future...if my Blogger App on my phone can get itself together and stop crashing on me.

But on a lighter note here are some things we've been up to lately.

Ellie has ambitions to be a princess when she grows up...I think a crown suits her

Finnley was rocking the Texas orange and it made my Longhorn heart so happy. (I'm not big on sports but if I had to choose a college team to root for it would be the Longhorns)

Ellie gets more excited about preschool every day!

jumping for joy and shaking her booty!

She's really into matching and accessorizing.  We were walking quickly past a hat display and Ellie made me stop because she spotted one that matched her! 

We switched cars and went out shopping...forgetting a carrier and a stroller - so we made due with a backpack!

I made it to my BFF's house for a Stella and Dot party and she had the best cheese platter...no pictures because I ate it all, haha!

Ellie and Finnley have been hanging out on the couch because someone figured out how to sit up!!

Our Sugar Goblin came back and he is just the cutest!!  He doesn't get himself into too much trouble and Ellie sure does enjoy looking for him every day!

We went to the "Elephant" zoo and busted out the double stroller

I have been practicing new hairstyles for Ellie and these double buns are so sweet.  She calls it her "Mickey Mouse hair"

Home improvements are never ending.  We are planting some arborvitae to act as a privacy screen...hopefully we'll still be living here when they actually grow together!

We made a trip out to a farm stand to check out all the pumpkins and just like me both girls are obsessed.

What have you been up to lately??

♥ Ashley

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