Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 25

Ya'll this little girl is just the best!! She is growing and her sweet personality is perfection.  It's so crazy how each personality fits so perfectly in a family, we are each so different but together we are a whole.  I don't know what life would be like with this little nugget in our very thankful for her every day!

Week 25

Eats: sweet Finn is going strong on the formula, we've tried some butternut squash and she seems to like it.  I haven't been very good about trying and feeding different solids with her, that bottle is just so easy!! But I know that I really want to be adventurous with her in hopes that she will be a "better eater" than Ellie.  Although she really is a fan of solids and is constantly wanting to help feed herself - which I know I should let her but I'm too much of a clean/control freak...

Sleeps: I'm really trying to get her to be a better anywhere napper...but it is hard yo'!!  While the Finn has been great at sleeping at night, she has had some difficulties for naps, mainly because it's not incredibly dark in her room (even though we have blinds, blackout curtains, and curtains!!!) but she is going to have to just figure that out because we are an on the go family and she needs to be able to rally!!  Also girlfriend is no longer swaddled (all the praise hands)!!!  She rolled over last week during a nap and then again that night, so we had to do away with the swaddle cold turkey and she seems to be doing well.  The first night was a bit rough but since then we've all been doing pretty well.  Occasionally she will fall asleep out in the living room and last Friday she was playing on her activity mat and then just fell asleep...take a look at where her hand is!!  too cute

Does: she is a sitting girl and I am so happy!! Finnley is comfortable enough that she is grabbing for and playing with toys while sitting and I think that I am going to have to start introducing some more board books (because Ellie was a fan at this age).  She laughs, giggles and always give me the biggest smile.  She is also constantly sticking her feet and fingers in her mouth, along with other toys, so I am pretty sure that there is a tooth coming here pretty soon.  My guess is that she will have one tooth within the next two weeks and then we shall be saying "goodbye" to her gummy grin and "hello" to some teeth!!

Goes: we were actually pretty adventurous this week.  Aside from the usual places: we hit up the zoo with a group of moms (and both girls looked exceptionally cute), to a big flea market with Nanny, out to dinner, and to a farm stand for all the pumpkins (read all about it tomorrow!).

first time in the big girl seat of the double stroller

a babe in a there anything cuter?

first time in a high chair (and my clean freak self had to put the Ergo down first...because gross)

Loves: the babe has become a huge fan of her activity mat, exersaucer, walker, and the Ergo is always a fave.  She always falls asleep in the Ergo so its a big winner in my book.  Girlfriend is also loving sitting and watching our dogs...she adores them and aside from Ellie the dogs are able to get her to laugh.

Of Note: lets see, she got to ride in the regular seat of the stroller, went to her first flea market/junk show, and also got to sit in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time.  Additionally we had her cousin over for a couple of hours and all three girls really enjoyed being around each other!

Mama: I just need to pinch myself that I am so lucky to have these girls! They both have their individual personalities but together they are the best sisters and daughters.  I have to say that one of my favorite things about Finnley is that she is such a Mama's girl!  Ellie is all about her Dada so it's nice to have one of the girls be all about me, ha!  Finnley really has become the perfect 4th to our family and I am just looking forward to each new stage and seeing how these girls grow and love each other (and me too ;) )

Sister: Finnley really hit the jack pot when it comes to big sisters.  I don't know how you continue to parent an older sibling to keep the love and adoration for their younger sibling going because I hope that Ellie always loves her sister this much, if not more in the future.  I know that there will be times when they get on each others nerves but I'm really hoping that Finnley will love her big sis just as much and that they have a friendship that lasts a lifetime.

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  1. Those pumpkin photos are THE best ever! Can't believe she is getting so big! Your girls are precious.


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