Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 28

Another week already?!! Gosh that went by fast and in just a few days the babe is going to celebrate her first Halloween!! I am so excited that we are approaching the holiday season and that we are getting to experience them all over again for the first time as a family of only if I can get my act together and schedule our family pictures ;)

Week 28

Eats: we've really been stretching this girl and her eating! She has tried lots of solid foods including french fries and tortilla chips.  She seems to be really confused whenever I give her something new to try and her face generally says she doesn't like it but then she just keeps eating it.  That's my girl. She has really been enjoying her puffs (and Ellie is super pumped we have them back in the house). She's been grabbing at them but hasn't figured out how to get them in her mouth yet.  I've also been making her 8 ounce bottles of formula and she has been downing them.  I guess that's what happens when your such a big 6 month old - new territory over here.

Sleeps: we had a couple of off days but girlfriend seems to be getting back on track.  We moved a fan into her room for some white noise and I think that did the trick.  Now we just need to get another one for our room, haha!  Finnley loves to sleep on her tummy/side and seriously she is just the cutest.  I would say that she wakes up happy about 90% of the time and I just love it.  She is consistently taking about 3 naps a day and thankfully her "longer" one tends to coincide with Ellie's...can I get all the praise hands and that this continues forever and ever?!

Goes: we went on Ellie's very first Field Trip on Friday to a pumpkin patch and Finnley had a great time hanging out in the Ergo.  She slept for a good part of it and is quite the little trooper.  We also went to IKEA and another Pumpkin Patch with the cousins. Finnley also had a doctor's appointment during Ellie's preschool so we got to go to that together.  Additionally we made a trip to the mall, for the girls sister photos,  and we stopped at the playland area.  This was Finnley's first time out on the equipment and she had fun watching all the kids and doing some rolling around.

Does: sits, rolls over, a squeals.  This girl is just the sweetest and I love everything that she does.  I love that she can sit on her own and am really trying to encourage her to build up her arm and leg muscles so she can start crawling!! I know we have some time before that is actually going to happen but I am so ready for it.  She also is doing really good at indie time and plays with all her toys - its the best.

Loves: the dogs are a huge hit she is always looking for them.  Our little baby walker is a favorite because it has some toys on it and is the best little high chair.  I love that it folds up and it's actually pretty easy to take along with us (we did all the time with Ellie).  The Ergo is also a life saver, I have to get out our cart/high chair cover but have been using the Ergo in the mean time and it works pretty good acting as some extra padding for our babe when we're at restaurants.

Of Note: like I mentioned above Finnley had her 6 month appointment this week.  I loved getting to go solo with her (it's the little things) and to spend time with her - I did have an excruciating migraine but she was so agreeable she made the visit the best!  She got her immunizations and a flu shot.  She did surprisingly well.  Also she has 2 teeth!! weighs over 16 pounds and is 28.5 inches tall!! (that is taller than Ellie was at 12 months! haha).  We also had some nice weather this week and I was able to take her 6 month photo. I love the addition of the pumpkins this month. I just can't get over how much I love her.

Mama: when I imagined my life as a mom, I always knew I wanted girls.  I am so thankful that not only do I have one daughter but I have TWO!! When we started the adoption process I originally thought we were going to want to focus on a boy, but then Thomas said he would be happy with either so we let our agency know we weren't gender specific and secretly I was hoping that we would get another girl.  Finnley is beyond what I hoped and prayed for and she is the perfect babe for us.  She has her cranky moments for sure but when I think about the day overall I have a hard time remembering anything but the good!!

Sister: Ellie continues to be obsessed with Ellie. When we ask her if she wants another baby (brother or sister) without missing a beat she says "NO!! I just want Finnley", its seriously the cutest thing ever.  She loves her sister something fierce and considering that Finnley only laughs for Ellie I think that she loves her too!  I can't get enough of these two and my continued hope is that I am able to nurture them to be the best of friends.

Ellie's top (similar) Ellie's skirt (similar) Ellie's leggings Finnley's onesie (similar)

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