Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 26

Yes we made it halfway through the year!!!  I really can't believe that sweet Finn has been a part of our lives for 6 months now.  It's mind boggling to me how much she has grown, developed and changed in such a short amount of time.  This is a pretty big week because we are now only half a year away from being done with bottles...and all the formula feeding mom throw up their hands in praise!!

Week 26

Eats: I have really been working on trying to incorporate more solids into her diet to try and expand her palate so she will hopefully be more willing to try new foods as she gets older.  So far all I have to say is girlfriend loves to eat and is so proud of herself that she gets to eat from a spoon.  I finally opened a box of multigrain cereal for her and have been mixing it with her veggies.  I think she likes it and it actually makes feeding a bit more "clean" which is always a win in my book.  Finnley also absolutely loves her bottles and can down her bottles in about 10 minutes which is perfect when you also have a super busy toddler preschooler to keep track of.

Sleeps: sweet Finn is doing better at naps and we are still getting some solid sleeps in the Ergo (bless it!).  I also have to mention that she is becoming more go with the flow and able to sleep/nap in random places: in restaurants and when we're holding her (bless it).  So far she has been pretty successful at sleeping in her room, occasionally she tries to host a talkshow in the middle of the night but when she has no guests she finds its just better to go back to sleep.  Those middle of the night talk shows happen sometime between midnight and 3am.  Like I mentioned last week she is unswaddled and I have to say that it's a huge relief...not only that but we are finding her waking up on her belly, so I guess we have a belly sleeper despite putting her down on her back.

Goes: we have all been a little under the weather lately so we haven't ventured out much beside the usual suspects: work, out to eat, and the store.  We did make a trip to the mall to exchange a pair of jeans for Thomas (needed a smaller size) and to get him a new shirt for our Family Pictures!! I can't wait to share all of our to actually schedule them ;)

Does: sitting, sitting, and more sitting.  I really can't get over it and now our life has just gotten that much better.  Finnley is much more stable in this position and is finding out that the world is a better place because of it.  She is more interactive with her toys and will reach for them.  She has also started longer a stationary babe! So she is having fun exploring her world and her newfound "independence".  Although now that we have wood floors in our house I'm wondering if I should get her a soft helmet so I don't feel like she is banging her head so hard!! haha

Of Note: Finnley's toothless grin is a thing of the past!!! She cut her first tooth this morning and it makes me squeal with delight! It has just barely come above the surface and her second one isn't far behind.  I know lots of moms are sad to see those gummy grins go but I just love that she has little teeth!!  They're my favorite.

Mama: I am just so excited for the upcoming holiday season and that we get to celebrate it with TWO girls!! I am loving having Ellie go to preschool so that Finnley and I can have some time together but more than that I just love watching how much they love each other. These last six months have gone by in a breeze but I have to say that I love that I got to spend every single day with my girls.  The connection that Finnley and I have is second to none and she is still a total Mama's girl and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Sister: like I mentioned above these two girls love each other.  I keep asking Ellie is she wants another baby sister or baby brother and she says "No, I just want Finnley" so then I asked her if Finnley could have a baby brother or baby sister to which she replied "No, she can have me!"  Girlfriend knows what she wants and I love that she loves her sister so incredibly much.

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