Monday, January 30, 2017

Day in the Life - 2017 Winter Edition

Y'all, I haven't done a Day in the Life post in what seems like forever.  In all honesty it wasn't even in my plan for the day.  But in the morning when I was just enjoying some alone time I decided that I was going to do it.

the stats:
date: Friday January 27, 2017
ages: Ellie 3 years 8 months, Finnley 9 months, Me 30+ ;)

I woke up at 6:15, Thomas was already up and I had remembered that he wanted me to make pancakes.  I rushed out to the living room and asked him if there was time before he had to leave for work and he said no and that he had already made sausage and eggs.  I made a cup of coffee in our new Keurig, I love the convenience of it but I don't feel like it makes as strong of coffee as our French Press.  Thomas and I sat in the living room watching TV and just enjoying some alone time in the really doesn't happen all that often because Ellie is usually up before 6:30am.  Thomas left around 6:40 and I got to just sit and relax until the girls woke up.

Ellie woke up around 7 and was quite sad that Dada was gone already - but thankfully recovered quickly.  She is such a Dada's girl.  She watched a show and I caught up on some blog reading.  Then I made my breakfast: sausage and eggs and Ellie wanted Rice Crispies.  After eating I made a "to-do list" for the day.  I love making them, mostly because I love crossing things off ;) and I wandered into our bedroom and realized that in my rush of waking up I didn't make the bed, I walked by Ellie's room and opened up her curtains and noted that we should make her bed too.

Cleaning the Kitchen is on my list every single day...

meanwhile Ellie was having fun with her wand while watching a show.

Finnley woke up around 8 and she seriously has such a happy heart when she wakes up.  I am greeted nearly every morning with this smile especially when I start singing her Goodmorning Song.  Ellie's favorite thing is to help wake up Finnley, which usually involves her crawling into her crib.

I changed Finnley's diaper, told Ellie it was time for underwear and got her dressed for the day.  Y'all this outfit is a 2T and if finally fits her!! My small little nugget!! (ps. check out those white baseboards in the hallway)  Ellie has been all about pictures lately and her posing has been on point.  She loved this outfit but when I showed her there were pockets she about died! She loves pockets just as much as I do.  And Finnley found us and joined us,  I love her crawling everywhere.

Since we were hanging out in Ellie's room I decided we should make her bed, I had her help tuck the blankets against the mattress and then organize her stuffed animals.

By this time Finnley was getting hungry so I made a bottle and encouraged her to hold it herself.

I looked up from feeding Finnley and Ellie was standing with her hands in her pockets...adorable!

Then she decided that the exersaucer was a great spot to watch tv in!  This girl I tell ya!  I figured since the girls were happy and distracted that it would be a good time to feed the animals.  So I got Ellie out of the exersaucer and put Finnley in and headed out to the farm.

The goats are always enthusiastic greeters (actually what animal isn't?)

My sweet horse, Ragtime.

We're down to 2 chickens.  They will be 7 in February and are showing no signs of leaving us...they haven't laid any eggs in over a year (maybe 2 years) but they are thriving, so on our farm they will stay.  Their names are Ma and Solo.

All the littles share their food...they make a great team.

When I came back in the house from chore duty, Finnley was crying because I ditched her and Ellie was playing with her new Sleeping Beauty's Castle she got for Christmas from Disneyland.

I figured that this time was as good as any to get started on my list for the day (I had plans of going shopping).  So I set my timer for 10 minutes and got to work with the girls play kitchen...which turned into 30 minutes.

I did some more cleaning in the living room and got myself dressed and ready to go.  Then it was Finnley's turn and she was such a smiley babe!

before we could leave Ellie wanted some frozen berries for a snack.

and then we were finally ready to hit the road. Y'all I love my new car so much, it doesn't have the visibility my old car had but it is leaps and bounds better. I might blog about it in more detail in the future but it's a GMC Acadia and everything works on it! On the way to shopping I text Thomas to see what time his lunch was...the timing couldn't have been more perfect so we decided to visit him at work for his lunch after we finished shopping.

We went to this cute little town nearby that has a bunch of antique stores and Ellie was the best little shopping sidekick...those pockets were perfect for this outing ;)  She did great holding my hand for the majority of the time, kept her hands to herself and we just enjoyed some girl time.  I wore Finnley in the Ergo and she too was a great shopper.

We made a stop in the children's store they have there (super high end) and they have this great little play area sectioned off for kiddos and Ellie had a blast playing in there.  The reason for our stop was that the amber necklace that I had purchased from them had a faulty clasp and kept falling off of Finnley so I wanted to replace it - y'all they gave me a new one and it is not coming off.

We picked up Panera for lunch on the way to Thomas work.  He came out to help me gather the girls and all the stuff and we went in to his classroom.

we set up shop and got straight to eating

Ellie is all about "chippies", so the Panera ones are always a big hit. And she did quite well eating her soup too!

I had mentioned in the morning that we might stop at a park after shopping, but then we decided to have lunch with Dada, so I was hoping we would be able to skip it because we were so close to naptime...but Ellie wouldn't let it go - or fall asleep in the car.  So instead of saying we will do it next time (like I always do) I decided to embrace my word of the year and we detoured to the park.  I am so glad we did because the weather was so nice, there was only one other kid at the park, and Ellie just had the best time.  I seriously cannot wait until Finnley is walking and she can enjoy the parks too!  They had a zipline which Ellie loved the first time and then decided it was too scary the second time, swings which are always her favorite, and then a great climbing structure with slides.

Back home for a diaper change, bottles (12 ounces!!), and Ellie wanted more Panera Soup before naps.

I love that Finn can feed herself.

For our nap routine at home the girls get changed into their jams and I sing them their song and put them in their beds for sleeping.  I put Ellie down first because Finnley was still a bit squirrelly.

Once both girls were in their beds I put my slippers on and went out to toss some old bread out for the goats and took some garbage out, and brought the recycling can up to the house.

I checked the monitor and Finnley was out for the count.

I watched a little tv, did some more picking up, ordered a Papa Murphey's Pizza for Thomas to pick up on his way home, and then decided to take full advantage of naptime and hop in the shower! It was a very good choice.

After my shower my face was feeling a bit dry so I put some lotion on.  I used this but I am wondering if it's not the right formula because I keep breaking out on my chin and cheeks??

Thomas got home with the pizza and recruited his help in cleaning off our bar stools because they were in desperate need of a wiping. I love a man who helps out with chores!

Then since the girls were still napping (all the praise hands) we sat down in the living room. Thomas watched some tv and I read my Martha Stewart magazine that finally arrived in the mail.  It's a January/February issue and didn't arrive until Jan 25...what gives?!!

Our pizza was ready so Thomas and I ate and then as we were finishing up both of the girls woke up at the same time!  We split duties - Thomas to Ellie (of course) and I went to Finnley.  We reconvened in Ellie's room for some family time on her bed.  The girls had a blast playing with each other and we started talking about Ellie's highland cow stuffed animal.  We got it on our trip to Scotland and Ireland back in 2014 and we call her Hettie because of the most adorable book series they have.  We got one of the books on our trip too "Hairy Hettie: the highland cow who needs a haircut", so we read that to the girls because Ellie couldn't remember that one.  She loved it back in the day and we used to read it over and over.

We told Ellie we had pizza so we went out and the girls ate, then it was bathtime and both girls got to splash around together.

This towel is my favorite, I got it as a shower gift for Finnley and loved it so much that I got one for Ellie as well.  And this lotion seriously feels like velvet.

I changed Finnley into a new sleeper and realized that this one also needs to get retired because her toes are curled (her feet are so long)  So we had to change into a different one.

Then it was time to put all the girls clothes least favorite part of doing laundry.  But someone has to do it and I'm pretty particular so it better be me.

Caught in the act!

As I was putting clothes away Ellie wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast, so Thomas set her up in our room.  Finnley wanted to check it out too.  I can never turn down a showing of Beauty and the Beast so I got on the bed with Ellie and we made a girls night of it because Finnley joined us too!  I seriously feel so blessed to be a girl mom, it's what my heart has desired my whole life and to get to be a girl mom x2 is a dream come true.  I love that Ellie is a total tomboy but loves herself a princess, tutu skirt, and ballet too!!

After Beauty and the Beast was over it was Finnley's bedtime, so I got her all ready for bed and put her down...same routine as naptime.  Thomas and I had some special time with Ellie out in the living room...she is at such a fun age right now.  She talks all the time and has an imagination that is so fun.

Lately Ellie has been requesting that Dada put her to bed so that happened tonight.  He hung out in there for a little while and then went to bed.  I stayed out in the living room.  I was reading a blog that reminded me that I wanted to watch The Crown on netflix but when I signed on I noticed that they have the 3rd season of Reign on netflix now too...I had to make a decision and ended up with The Crown.  It wasn't as catching the first episode but its a relatively short season so I am going to stick through it and maybe it will grow on me.  When I finished The Crown, I headed to bed.

♥ Ashley


  1. Your kids are so cute and those pancakes look and sound so yummy! I hope you have a blessed week!


  2. A wonderful full day! You must sleep very well ;) I love that 2T outfit of hers. She's getting big and so cute!

  3. Look at your day!! I love posts like these :) I think they might be my favorite!

    I'm hoping to do one soon, if I can get my crap together :p

  4. WOW! This looks like such a fun and busy day! You got so much accomplished!

  5. Sounds like a busy day! I always start my morning with French press coffee too. I don't even know what happened to my Keurig! lol


  6. Your kids are the cutest! They seem so happy in every picture.

  7. What a great day! I love getting Papa Murphy's pizza! Your children are adorable!


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