Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 38

This week was a busy one and I didn't get around to taking many pictures.  Remember how the last few weeks I was bragging about how Finnley and I were able to steer clear of the sickness that has been going around?  Well I fell victim to it on New Years Day.  Talk about a way to bring in the new year...I am still recovering and this thing is kicking my butt.
Week 38

Eats: this girl gets so giggley and excited when she sees a bottle its the cutest thing.  I have also been trying to be more purposeful in solids this week, I went shopping with Ellie the other day and thought that yogurt was a good idea.  I like the organic Stoneyfield YoBaby yogurt because it's made with whole milk.  I remember before we had Ellie thinking it was so silly that they made "baby yogurt" but when I went looking for whole milk yogurt it was nearly impossible to find at my local grocery store.  They have lots of flavors and Ellie is still a fan too.  Finnley isn't too fond of french fries, she makes the goofiest face, but she does like the McDonald's variety.

Sleeps: we've lucked out in this dept lately.  Girlfriend is a favorable sleeper and is doing so well at sleeping on the go.  We are averaging about 11.5 hours at night and I love it when she is so asleep that I can sneak in at get a peek or a picture of her!  She napping pretty well these days which has been ideal for sickness recovery.

Does: Finnley is a crawling machine and I just love seeing where she pops up in the house.  Usually I can hear here coming because she is objecting that she has to move herself...but the past couple of days she has been more motivated to get around without fussing.  She is getting into Ellie's toys, dollhouse, trains, and finding ways to entertain herself.  She is also trying to pull up on things so bad, so far she has been able to on her activity cube, her high chair, and our kitchen stools.  She is getting better at holding her bottle and making all sorts of fun noises and sounds.

Goes: on Friday we went to the zoo. And despite me being under the weather we had some running around to do.  On Sunday we went shopping at a mall near us and made a stop by World Market, I saw this rug but might want to hold out for a better deal.  Then on Monday since Thomas was still off we made our way up North to the jewelry store I used to work at before we got married so we could get Thomas a new ring, he has lost a lot of weight and his ring is just too big. Then Finnley and I made a stop at Lowes to get some paint because I decided that painting the girls bathroom was a spectacular idea.

Of Note: sweet Finnley girl got to celebrate her first New Years complete with New Years Day Eve enchiladas.  Except none of us could hang for the ball drop so we all called it an early night (by 9pm).  She cut through her third tooth and by the looks of it has a fourth one on its way!

Mama: I really don't have the words to express of how much I love being a Mama.  Getting to have these two sweet girls is just the bees knees. I have to admit that when this time of year comes around I still have flashbacks to some horrible memories (2 of my miscarriages happened around this time and they haunt me all the time).  Also since I am sick I still have to sing my praises at how awesome not only my girls are but how great Thomas is at helping out - I mean he does all the time anyways I just can appreciate it more when I can't do it!!

Sister: this love grows more and more every day.  Ellie insists on squeezing hugging Finnley's head at least 10 times a day and only manages to make her cry 50% of the time ;)  She wants to make sure that she is included in everything we do and tells me multiple times an house that she loves her sister so much.  Now that Finnley is crawling she is on the constant search and lookout to find her sister and its just the cutest thing.

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