Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 40

Holy cow!!! Just 12 more weeks and this babe will be a ONE Year Old!!! how on earth did that happen.  Life is seriously flying by and I'm having a bit of a hard time catching up on all the things.  Finnley has been a wonderful babe this week, I've been battling a migraine/headache since January 1st, and now Finnley has herself a cold...

Week 40

Eats: this babe is down to try just about anything.  She can self feed Puffs and these teething squares I found.  I think that she prefers fruits over vegetables but her first choice is yogurt. She still gets extremely excited to see her bottle and is getting much better at holding it herself.  We got some level 4 nipples that I am looking forward to trying out...I have a feeling that bottle feeding time will be cut in half ;)  In other great news we only have about 13 weeks left of using these bottles so we better start introducing a sippy cup (we love these ones for Ellie) here pretty soon!

Sleeps: this babe continues to amaze me with how well she sleeps.  She has been waking around 1am lately but is able to self soothe back to sleep - it takes about 30 minutes but then she sleeps until 6:30.  I love that she is getting more comfortable with sleeping in different locations as well as on the go.  We made a trip over to my inlaws new house and the babe slept wonderfully up in "her room" in the pack'n'play...I didn't sleep so well since she was upstairs and we were downstairs and we didn't have a monitor...but it turns out that I don't need to worry about that stuff.

Does: Finnley is crawling around everywhere and isn't crying so much about it either.  She is so determined to stand that she is pulling up on everything and has even used her walker a few times! In addition to that she is making all sorts of sounds and is such a noisy babe.  She has also made some consonant sounds like mamamama and dadadadada which is just the best sounds!! She giggles and laughs and will occasionally fall asleep on us.

Goes: we took Ellie to her first ballet class, went to the library for storytime and to meet up with a friend and then took a road trip over the mountains to my inlaws new house.  Ellie and Finnley had a great time exploring the new house and their favorite spot is the little closet under the's their little hideout and they had fun playing with the princess castle together.  We also made a trip over to my dad's to take him out to lunch and so that I could get an acupuncture treatment to try and find an alternative way to find some relief from my chronic migraine.  Having needles stuck in you while also wanting to help watch babes is no easy task and not relaxing one bit ;)

Loves: this babe is loving the Little People princesses she got for Christmas, pulling up on everything, her steering wheel (similar),  and just about anything that makes music or lights up.

Of Note: baths are still a huge hit and I love that both girls enjoy them together, Finnley is desperately trying to walk, she has four teeth and that fifth is just under the surface, she got a fever this week and I felt so helpless.  Girlfriend also turned 9 months and I am just so giddy about all the milestones she is hitting.

Mama: Migraines aside I feel like I am doing pretty good.  I have the countdown going for her first birthday and I am so excited to get rid of the bottles and formula...but then I'm sure I'll be missing them because its so much easier to give her a bottle of a complete meal than trying to figure out solid foods that she'll eat (on her own) that give her everything she needs...double edged sword I tell ya!  I feel like I'm in a great place emotionally and Thomas and I have had some chances to really reconnect and it's been lovely.  I am so grateful for his support and what a great teammate he is in our marriage and parenting journey.  I've had two migraines this past week that have completely put me out of commission and y'all he just picked up and took care of everything!! I am so happy that he can do that but devastated that I have these migraines that cause me to miss out on time with Thomas and my girls.

Sister: Ellie is still just as obsessed as ever with her little sis.  She calls her "my baby" all the time makes up songs for her and is just 100% in love.  It's not all rainbows because now Ellie is getting "braver" with how she is handling her sister and is getting a little rough with her.  Also now Finnley is being more interactive and "grabby" with toys so we have now entered the You Need to Share phase of parenting which I am pretty sure lasts until, forever! Some tears have been shed over who gets to play with what and for how long but I'm sure that as time goes on it will be "easier".  One thought I've had is that all of the toys are OURs not some are Finnley's and some are Ellie's, my plan and thought process is that then it takes away the ownership of the item and will hopefully encourage more sharing.  We shall see - it'll probably backfire on me. Finnley is in love with her sister and often times we will find her crawling into Ellie's room when no one is looking ;)

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  1. I love sisters! She makes the cutest little faces. Happy 40 weeks to your girl.


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