Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 41

Another week already?!! My goodness this time is just flying by.  We have had quite the week and I have actually been able to have some relief from my migraines/headaches which has been really nice.  Finnley is growing like a weed and wants to walk so badly, almost as much as I want her to!

Week 41

Eats: this girl is down for just about anything.  Since she's been a little sick this week she hasn't been taking in as much fluids...but those level 4 nipples are off the chains so I need to get some more!  Most of her food that she gets is fed to her and I think that I need to switch it up and start giving her more opportunities to feed herself - even though its going to be so messy :(  We also got the go ahead from the Dr. to start trying a sippy cup so I need to get one for her.

Sleeps: Finnley is still a rockstar at sleeping.  While her naps have been a little off I still really can't complain too much.  She has been getting tired much earlier in the evenings and we try to keep her up until at least 6:30 otherwise we might get a super early wakeup.  Now that she is crawling so much she is starting to get on her knees and also sitting up in her crib and I just adore it.

Goes: sweet babe had her 9 month check up, we went to my dad's place for another acupuncture treatment and met Dada for lunch.  We also went to the library and a cupcake place for a friends birthday, and then just the regular stops (grocery store, nanny house, the car).  She has become quite the traveler and I love taking her to all the places. 

Does: the Finn is pulling up on everything and crawling all around the house.  She found the stairs at our nanny house and she is obsessed...thankfully she is keeping her feet solidly on the ground ;)  She has gotten brave enough to let go with her hands and has stood on her own for about 1 second.  When we hold her hands or under her arms she will take steps like she's walking.  She has also started pushing her walking toys around and looks like an old grandma with a walker...adorable.  She still moves her hands around like crazy and I am convinced that Piano is in her future.

Loves: she has a new infatuation with the dogs and will crawl all around chasing them.  Sakari is better than Cooper but I am sure that if you asked them they would prefer to not have babies grab and pull their hair.  When she gets brave enough to crawl away from us we can usually find her in Ellie's room.  Her favorite toys right now are anything that will light up or play music...she loves music.

Of Note: as I mentioned above Finnley had her 9 Month appointment this week.  I scheduled it for when Ellie was at preschool #momwin #brilliant and she was quite the peach.  We only had to wait in the waiting room for about 5 minutes but then as it always is at the dr office we were in the exam room for over 40 minutes.  Girlfriend got weighed and measured.  She is 18+ pounds (30th percentiale) and 31 1/4 inches tall (off the charts)!! Granted our girls have different birth families but just to give some perspective Ellie was only 30 inches when she was 2 years old.  Thomas mentioned that she just has 3/4" to go and she can ride the Mater's Junkyard Jamboree at DCA, which Ellie couldn't ride until she was 2 1/2 and wore boots to give her the height, haha!  Now Finnley just has to grow about 5 more inches and she and Ellie will be the same height!  Girlfriend did pretty good with the Dr, he lets me hold her for exams and then she got two shots.  Poor girl cried and cried as the nurse gave her the shots and put the band aids (or Plasters as Peppa Pig calls them) on, then once I picked her up she stopped crying immediately.  Good Girl!

Mama: my headaches and migraines have gotten much better this week.  I still have a huge knot in my back under my shoulder blade that then radiates up my neck to the back of my head and then if I don't take something I'll get a headache behind my eye...its really annoying.  Thankfully Monday was the first day that I could deal with it and it wasn't too bad.  I'm going to get another round of acupuncture and I really think that is going to help.  My pain aside, now that I am on the mend I get to be more purposeful and present with the girls and I just love it.  I can't imagine having any other life and am so grateful that I get to stay home with the girls and that I found such a great family to nanny for.

Sister: Ellie continues to rock at being a big sister, she still gets a little rough with Finnley at times and we need to remind her that she needs to be gentle.  I think she just loves a little too hard but I think I'll take that over the alternative.  Finnley loves her sister and most of the time seems just fine with Ellie's shenanigans.  These two steal my heart every day, I love that I get to call them mine.

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