Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Wednesday Weekly - Week 39

Y'all, I am in complete and utter disbelief that I am writing Finnley's 39th week update! How has she already been a part of our lives for 39 weeks?  She is growing and changing and is just the littlest love ever.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have her in my life and all the babies that I have nannied over the past couple of years have really done a great job in preparing me to be Finnley's Mama!!

Week 39

Eats: girlfriend is still going strong on her formula and bottles, the little squeals we get out of her when she sees us coming with a bottle is the sweetest.  I love the 8 oz bottles because they can hold so much more food - especially since the babe is eating close to 8 oz at each feeding but the fact that she can hold her own 4 oz bottle is very tempting to use especially since the pre-measured formula sticks are for 4 oz.  We've had some success with yogurt, prunes, and Finnley was able to self feed Puffs this week!!! she just picked one right up and put it straight in her mouth!! 

Sleeps: I seriously can't complain too much here.  Before Christmas Finnley took about an hour long nap between 9-10:30am and then her longer nap around 1- 4:00pm but her morning nap has reduced down to about 25 minutes.  I liked that hour long time but at least she is still sleeping in the mornings, since Christmas our schedule has been a little off and then with me getting sick last week we were all just in survival mode.  Now we seem to be on the mend and baby girl is back to being a napper!! Oh and as usual her nighttime sleep is on point.  I try to keep the same routine with her: wrap her in her sleep sack, rock and sing her song, kiss her forehead and lay her down, and walk out.  That's been our routine for most of her 39 weeks of life and it seems to be working out just fine!

Does: she is crawling everywhere, pulling up on everything, and getting stuck and crying.  Finnley babe doesn't quite know how to get herself back down after she has pulled herself up onto her activity table, or chair, or stool or activity cube so she just stands there and cries until we "rescue" her.  I love how mobile she is and how she just shows up around a corner.  Thankfully she's got a big sister who keeps an eye on her and is super helpful in getting Finnley back to "safety" or out of her predicaments. 

Goes: we didn't really go anywhere this week, Thursday we stayed home all day and it was glorious - I even painted the girls bathroom.  Friday we went to work, Saturday and Sunday we pretty much just stayed home the whole time and then we went back to work.  It's been nice having some chill time and just be.  

Loves: her activity cube, activity table, bottles, spoons, the dishwasher, plastic bags (if only we would let her have them), little people, and puffs.

Of Note: sweet girl still has 3 teeth! and she has a fourth that is so close to cutting through, then I could have sworn that I saw another one on top coming through - only time will tell.

Mama: this last week was a rough one with recovering from whatever sickness I had and now I have like a permaheadache that I just cannot kick - probably from all the congestion that is stuck in my sinuses, I am not sure if I will ever get to stop blowing my nose!  Aside from all that nastiness, my emotional state has been pretty good.  I shared earlier about my "Focus Word" for the year and I am really excited about it.  There is something so refreshing about the New Year and getting that new perspective set.  I also started the January Cure again this year with Apartment Therapy to get our house deep cleaned and fresh...I loved it so much last year that I have been looking forward to getting my daily email assignments since last October!

Sister: if ever there was a better sister I would like to meet her.  I absolutely adore about much Ellie loves Finnley (and hope that Finnley feels the same) it was always my hope to raise children/siblings who love each other through and through.  I have had a rough relationship with my siblings over the years so it's been super important to me that I instill positive relationships and coping with my girls.  I love seeing how they work together and I hope that I can raise them to not only be sisters but life long friends who can depend on each other.

&hearts: Ashley

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  1. Aw, I love watching these two sisters grow up! I can only hope that Ryder loves his Baby Sister just as much... fingers crossed! ;-)


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