Monday, June 24, 2013

[DIY] flowers indoors

Do you like to have flowers and plants growing inside you house but forget to water them?  I have the best solution for you!

(shamrocks, maidenhair fern, and idk)

I remember when we first moved into our home. I wanted plants indoors because that is what I grew up with and having live plants in your house really helps to make it seem like a home and lived in!!  But we had a problem - no watering can. And our glasses just wouldn't cut it. So how do you water your plants?  

**** ICE CUBES ****

This is a great alternative. Especially in the Summer when your house gets really hot. Just drop an ice cube or two in you plant and as it melts your plant gets just the right amount of water and you don't have to worry about the water spilling over and damaging your furniture!

I love indoor plants and have several of them and I love this tip! 



  1. Genius idea!!

  2. what ice cubes, that is genius!! i don't have plants inside my house well because the reason you stated i always forgot to water them oops!

    1. Yes they really do make a difference!


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