Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Recap

We are just having a splendid time here on the farm getting used to life with a little one!!

We took turns on baby duty and farm duty. I spent most of my day on Saturday weeding our front flower bed. While my dear hubby watered and mowed and worked with the animals. 
I made quite a headway on it and would say that I have about 3/4 of it done! We just need to invest in about 40 to 50 bags of compost/mulch!!

 I love how it is coming along and it is really starting to fill in. I also am so excited to announce that my peonies are finally blooming this year!!

I also thought I would share our vegetable garden with you all. We have been working on it and after a couple years in this location we are making some changes. We are removing the cobble stone edging on it (that I didn't realize would be such a pain) and hope to replace it with some wooden beams.  We made the decision to divide up this huge patch of land into 6 plots and used some extra bricks we had laying around from the previous owners. 

We have planted in the NW corner with tomatoes and cucumbers. The center North has beans and zucchini. In the NE corner we have peas and kale. The Se corner has peas and lettuce. We fenced off the center South section to keep out the bunnies and we planted Swiss chard, artichoke, cabbage and broccoli in there. We currently don't have any thing planted in the SW corner, we are thinking pumpkins and bell peppers. 

We already have a tomato coming in and some pea flowers are popping!!

I also went to the local farmers market and got some gorgeous peonies for our dining room table! I added in some chive flowers to fill in a bit. 

And then of course we spent some time with this beautiful face. 

How was your weekend??

♥ Ashley

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