Monday, June 17, 2013

Gift it to me!!

We received the best gift in the mail from a fellow blogger, Kendra from Adventures of Brad and Kendra. We actually went to high school together, I was in the same grade as her husband Brad. Though we didn't talk too much in hs, it has been fun to re connect through blogging! Just goes to show how great this blogging community really is!!

Anyways, Kendra was so happy to hear of our adoption and bringing Ellie home that she sent us a baby gift!  

She knows me oh too we'll and gave us a bunch of giraffe print items!  She made Ellie a blanket ( one side is giraffe print the other is a soft plushy pink) a burp rag,  an adorable book to add to her library and a coffee cozy complete in a matching giraffe print!!

Thank you so much Kendra for showering little Ellie with so much love!!

Make sure to check out Kendra's awesome blog. 


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  1. Yay I'm glad you are enjoying the items! :D


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