Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{weekly update} week three

Oh my! another week?? how did that happen???  I just love this little girl and I am so happy she is in my life.  It has been so fun watching her grow and become more active as the days hours go by!!

                                     (body suit)

Weight: girlfriend has been a good eater!! I am sure that she is still in the 7 pound range though.

Sleep: doing pretty good.  She (gasp!) kinda has a little bit of a schedule going on!! she sleeps in about 3 hour spurts at night and then usually has a nice long nap from about 10:30ish am to about 1:30ish pm!!

                                      (long sleeve onesie)

Clothes: Newborn stuff and we have a pair of preemie pants that fit her very well.  She wore a 3 month dress that fit her ok.  Also we ran out of newborn diapers so we used the size 1 from our diaper cake, yeah they are too big for her so we invested in more newborn size.

                              (mei tai carrier)

Visitors/Social: no visitors at our house but she did get to be very social!!  She got to meet Thomas' Aunt and Uncle who live in Moses Lake and their daughter/Thomas' cousin and her son and boyfriend from Nebraska.  We also had a baby shower where she got to meet lots of other family members - like my Daddy! and some special friends of ours too.  Girlfriend also went out to dinner at Trackside Pizza (if you live in the area you HAVE to go here!! its a little pricey but so yummy!) and we had lunch at RR to take advantage of Thomas' free birthday burger!

Diet: we noticed that she was getting pretty fussy after meals even after we burped her well so after some researching and talking we decided that the regular Similac formula just wasn't agreeing with her for some reason. (also her poop went from solidish to completely runny) so we switched her to the Similac Sensitive formula and she is doing MUCH better!

                                               (gerber onesie)

Crying: when she wakes up and is hungry and then just a little fussy here and there, mostly because she just wants to be held or rocked.

Baby Gear Love:  our Jeep Stoller is amazing!  We love it so much and can't wait to get the iBaby adapter so that we can play Pandora on our phones through the speakers.  We also love our new Boppy pillow and this cover.  We also got this great Lamb Swing from Thomas' brother and this thing is great!! our Skip Hop Treetop Activity Mat. And of course we can't say enough about our Dr. Brown's bottles, drying rack, and bottle brush!

Milestones: Little E has gone shopping in Target, ToysRUs, and Fred Meyer.  She went to church on Sunday (into the nursery - with us) and she even started playing with her great little activity mat! Going on her first walk around the neighborhood with the puppies. And her first bath in the tub!!

I just love this little girl so much.  It is so fun watching her grow and change right before our eyes!!

♥ Ashley

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