Tuesday, June 18, 2013

{weekly update} week four

These past four weeks have gone by in a flash!! I can't believe how quickly the time goes once baby is home and in your arms!

We have had a total blast watching this little girl grow and change right before our eyes!! Wowzers, I knew it happened quickly but for reals!

Weight: She has been eating a ton!  I am sure she is still somewhere in the 7 pound range, but who knows.  We have our 1 month check up on Friday so the official weight will be in then .... we are taking bets!!

Sleep:  We are working on this.  For some reason when we tell Ellie its bed time and time to go to sleep she just won't have it and wants to look around and fuss!! (kidding of course - we know she can't follow these requests!)  She does take a good 3 1/2 to 4 hour nap every day in the afternoon time.  She is still sleeping in the bed with us and we love it!

Clothes: Newborn all the way - though some 3 month is small enough for for and preemie is big enough.  I am happy though because those little newborn clothes are so cute!  she is still in newborn size diapers too!

Visitors/Social: She got to meet more family this week for Father's Day.  She met my grandparents (great grandparents) my brother and his wife (auntie and uncle) and his in-laws.  She was a great little girl and really only cried once we got home!  We went shopping at Costco, ate at Jimmy Johns and she finally made it to the grocery store!

Diet: She is still eating 2 ounces at each feeding, going to ask the doctor if we should up it.  She seems to be doing better with the Similac Sensitive formula but man does she get mad when we take the empty bottle out of her mouth!! She wants more!!

Crying: When she is hungry, wants to be held, has a wet diaper, and when we tell her to go to bed!  I don't really have any other baby to compare her to, but I think she is a pretty good baby.  She gets fussy once in a while but we are usually able to soothe her!

Baby Gear Love: still huge fans of the stoller, she loves her car seat and car rides,  plays on her activity mat and has started getting propped in the Boppy!!  the gum drop paci that we got from the hospital (its the only one she will take  - thank the LORD I got a second one!)

Milestones:  We let her meet her hands this week, she loves them!!  (We have been keeping them covered with mittens or the long sleeves with the hand covers because she didn't have much control and would scratch her face the 0.3 seconds she had free hands while changing)  She also found her thumb/fingers with her mouth on Saturday and has been trying to figure out how to get them back in there ever since!  She celebrated her first Father's Day and her Daddy's birthday all in the same day!  She can hold her head up for about 5-10 seconds at a time and is getting a little bit better with tummy time.

Mommy:  I am doing pretty good.  I have my last day of work tomorrow, then I am off for the summer!! YEAH!  It has been an adjustment for sure since we brought her home but I am so happy we have her!  I also finally got out to the horses for the first time since we brought her home and it was nice just having that time with them and letting them know I still love them.  Even though I wasn't pregnant with Ellie, I still gained a little weight while we have been waiting for her, so I have about 5 pounds to lose.  I know that doesn't sound much compared to what pregnant mom's gain, but hey its ok!

I love this little girl and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful and supporting and doting husband to raise her with!

♥ Ashley

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