Friday, June 28, 2013

[summer adventures] Seattle

We took advantage of our summer vacation and took Ellie over to Seattle. On this trip Ellie got to go to Dim Sum for her first time (sorry no pics of that). We ate at House of Hong - best place for dim sum in Seattle. I have been going there since I was Ellie's age!!

Then we drove to Pikes Place Market. We had a great time waking around and showing Ellie all our favorite places and things.  We decided to not use the stroller since it was pretty crowded, even on a rainy Thursday! So I wore her in my mei tai and loved it. Seriously ladies  wearing your baby is the best!!

There were so many peony bouquet's. I was in heaven. 

We visited the gum wall. (Would you believe this was my first time? I know how could I live here my whole life and visit the market every year and not see this?) it was gross but we had to get a pic!

We also ran into Dr. Who and Dr. Sheldon Cooper!!!  Soft kitty was sung. Special moment for all three of us. (Soft kitty was the first song we sang to Ellie in the hospital)

Ellie need her lunch while we were thee so we fed and changed her in the car. 

Then we headed back into the market and bout some flowers and our lunch at Delarentis. Go there. It is a little grocery an has the best sandwiches. We get the grinder. 

Ellie was pretty tuckered out on the way home. She fell asleep holding my thumb. And then must have had a great dream about her visit because she kept smiling!!

My beautiful bouquet of peonies and dahlia's. 

- Ashley 

I have to say though. I am a little disappointed that we are not famous. Why? Because we don't have the paparazzi following us around documenting our lives!! It would be so much easier to get photos if we were!

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