Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Confessional

Hey ladies!

Trying to get back into the swing of things after our two week vacation to Scotland and Ireland earlier this month. I have over 275 posts on my blog reader to catch up on. I'm taking my time though because I want to enjoy this summer time with my sweet Ellie (and Thomas of course)!

I thought I would do a little confessional of sorts for today. I hope you enjoy. 

• Since getting married nearly 6 years ago my life has been a little more stressful and my anxiety has gone up.

• I chose a profession that isn't "important" in the school system so I have been laid off 6 years in a row. Thankfully I have been able to find employment the next year but the instability of my career is very stressful. 

• Add to that my strong desire to have children and then be diagnosed with unexplained infertility and battling that for the last 5 years including four miscarriages and you can guess how my anxiety levels rate!  

• Also in the past six years my mom was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer and passed away two years ago and then this year just days after my 30 birthday my beautiful horse had to be put down. 

• The good thing is that I have the best partner to go through this life with, the love of my life Thomas. 

• Finding myself in new situations is scary. But I have stretched myself in a few ways this last year: I started going to MOPS and just this morning attended "Storytime" at our local library. 

• I have finally decided to take control of my chronic migraine situation and am no longer in denial of their frequency and severity. I have been given a referral for massages (hopefully my insurance covers them) and if covered I am planning on making my health a priority. I have also been put on an antidepressant and I think that the results are going in a positive direction - though sometimes I think I am forgetting more things than normal...

• My in-laws got a trampoline for the grandchildren. I went over to jump on it and attempted a toe touch only to put my neck completely out of whack and now I have to deal with the pain of recovering. 

• Operation get pregnant is still not successful. So we are seriously going to start the adoption process again. This time we are going to do A LOT more fundraising. We would love any donation you feel like you would love to give. Every dollar counts!!

- Ashley


  1. don't even bother with those old blog posts! just read going forward! I feel you about anxiety - different reasons - but I feel you! Sending you virtual hugs!!

  2. I Hope you get pregnant very very soon


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