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Toddler Tuesday - with Brittany

I cannot tell you how much I am loving this series - and I hope you are too!!  Today I have Brittany guest posting.  She is awesome and a mom of two! She really knows whats up with toddlers as she has two of them.  She has lots of wisdom with what its like for bringing home babe number 2. I hope you enjoy her insights and tips I know I do as we are starting the journey to adopt #2!!  Thanks Brittany!

Life on the Parsons Farm

Hey there Life Of The Parsons Farm readers!! Im Brittany from Littles and Love
Im a momma of two littles, Kai-4yrs and Quinn-20mo, and married to my best friend and love of 10years this month!! Ahh yes 10 years! Wow, times fly's when you're having fun.
We live in Gilbert,AZ (SE of Phoenix) where I work part time as a Registered Dental Hygienist in a pediatric office and am a "new member" to the blogging world. I LOVE it so far!

I jumped at the opportunity to guest post over here for Ashley- like literally. One of the reasons I started blogging was to not only document my littles childhood but to connect with other women in my stage of life. Making connections and sharing tips and tricks, making friends! I have been enjoying this series for just those reasons. 

With being a mom of two comes a whole new world. Today I thought I would share a little bit about bringing number 2 into the mix, siblings, and the art of sharing- or lack there of.  

Shortly before having number 2 (my daughter) the anxiety started. How would I be able to love 2, manage schedules for 2, I worried for my son- would he feel abandoned, unloved, blah blah blah. 
My son was almost 2.5yrs when we brought his sister home. 
Somehow things have a way of falling into place and working themselves out. 

Some things that made his transition easy-

- Stories: We bought a few books about becoming a big brother and what babies were like. 
- Talked it up: We constantly talked to him about who was in mama's belly and what his role was once she was here. We talked to him a lot about how he was the "big boy", he had to teach her, and show her how to do things. 
- Included him: Once she was here we tried our best to include him in tasks we did- grabbing diapers for us, bathing her, singing to her, holding the bottle. 

I definitely believe the last one was key to making him feel the whole "big brother" vibe. He knew she had to be taught and helped and that made him feel "cool". 

Just as we parents have to deal with sharing and how to deal with other toddlers at play dates or daycare, having number 2 brought on the sharing concept along with patience, waiting your turn, and realizing the world does not revolve around them. 
We all know toddlers can be a little crazy. Lets face it screaming and throwing yourself on the floor all because you couldn't close the door? Really?
I thought this concept was hilarious because its just so true.

In our house we have our fair share of fights over toys, even more so now that Quinn is approaching her twos. I catch her silently bolting down the hallway while Kai is screaming in the playroom. Its a dead giveaway that something was taken. 
The only thing that has seemed to work or at least help a little in teaching the sharing concept- consistency. 

The few rules we do try to enforce-

- You play with her toys, she can play with yours.
- You are not required to share brand new toys like a birthday present, until you get a chance to play with it. 
- Redirection- This helps at Quinn's age. If she cant have something and throwing a fit, redirecting her gets her mind off it and she's over the incident quickly.
- Last we try to encourage playing together. If they are fighting over something somehow playing with it together will work. 

Keep in mind we can't prevent all melt downs, they are going to happen no matter what. Kids will be kids and choose your battles. Ill admit sometimes I walk away when the fighting or should I say "crying" starts. Id rather let them work it out or cry it out until they are done. Being a mama is hard work and we all do our best. Knowing that others are experiencing the same things is what helps me get through this whole parenting thing. 

PS the whole sibling thing is the cutest to watch. Seeing my son go from an only child to taking on the big brother role has been so sweet. He watches over Quinn and catches things I don't and I even catch him using phrases I say with her. 
Makes me want more- on a good day! 

Thanks a million to Ashley for having me over today!! I look forward to hearing some more tips and tricks to the toddler life.


Isn't she a doll??

If you are interested in contributing a post for this series just comment on this post or send me an email and I will get you on the schedule.  Huge thanks to all of my guest posters so far in helping me launch this super fun series!!!
♥ Ashley


  1. I'm so glad you guest posted because I'm now your newest follower. Your babes are precious! These toddler rules are spot on.

    1. Thanks so much Ashley! Such an awesome opportunity and can't wait to continue following along!

  2. I might not be pregnant with number 2 yet, but I already have some of those same fears and anxieties you initially shared. Thanks or sharing your story Brittany.

    1. Glad others can relate!! It's totally normal and your emotions will totally surprise you! So will your little one with how they adjust!

  3. Great post! I have a 2 yr old and 7m old who's mobile and the "sharing" phase is becoming an issue now that the baby moves and touches (or as the toddler says "SISSY TAKE IT!!!!!") things. I've been doing a lot of the same rules, but glad to see they actually work for others who have more experience.

  4. We did a lot of the same stuff you described as we prepped my eldest to be a "big sister". It was such a good idea. My youngest is now almost two and, like you, I love watching the two of them together now. Finding time for both individually is a bit of a challenge now, but seeing their differences as well as what they have in common is wonderful!

    This is a lovely series! So glad I found it. - Louise

  5. Love this post Brittany! Seriously. I worry SO much about how much life will change when we add another one to the household. This made me feel a little bit better about it ;)


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