Monday, July 21, 2014

{monthdate} 14 months

somehow my little girl went from this

to this

and all I did was blink my eyes!!

We had quite the eventful month so let's catch you up!! But first let me say that this is hands down my favorite age so far and I know it's just going to keep getting better and better, then she's gonna start driving and dating and going off to college and I will be crying for this age again!!

Ellie is pretty much eating all the same foods we are. She learned how to suck out of the Plum Organic pouches and now feeding is a dream! She is well behaved at restaurants as well. Some adventurous eating has gone on with our trip to Europe and then some. Girlfriend has tried: fried rice, Indian food, blood pudding, Chinese food, and lots of ice cream!  Her fave food right now is Peas!  She is also no longer drinking formula, whole milk only! And we also eliminated bottles completely!!! (Happy Dance!)

I think it's safe to say that E. F. is a world traveler. She has been on all modes of transportation (boats, cars, buses, planes, and trains) and been to a total of 4 different countries (Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and the good ole USA). 

Girlfriend became an official walker while we were in Europe. She also loves to climb stairs and insists on "walking" down then - with assistance of course!  With her new found mobility has come independence and I just love how she can walk around our house and entertain herself! But with her independence she is also exercising her dependence on us! Whenever one of us leaves the room (especially if we go outside) she starts chasing after us and crying because she wants to be with us!!

Peas, the dogs, walking, the goats, drinking our drinks from a straw, books, the grass, bubbles, bracelets, and her kiddie pool!

Baby Gear:
With her new mobility we have had to do some baby proofing with our cabinets and we got the safety 1st magnetic locks and they are the best!! We also graduated to a convertible car seat. We went with the Britax Boulevard an are loving it so far. 

Some things we are looking forward to: Ellie talking and sleeping in her crib through the night. 

I just can't believe what a great girl my Ellie is and what joy she has brought to our lives!

Sweet little Ellie Faith, how I love you so!!

♥ Ashley


  1. Happy 14 months! And it really does happen in a blink of an eye but you don't remember life without them!

  2. Quite the change Miss Ellie has made in 14 months! She's such a big girl.

  3. that's so awesome she does great in restuarants and pouches are a life savor (to this day here!)!


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