Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Next House

We have been living in our house for 6 years. It's been good to us and has served it's purpose well. 

Our house was perfect when we bought it. It met our needs: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large kitchen/great room, enough property for our horses and it was in our price range. 

Before with bark, 35 junipers, and gravel for the front yard

Since living in our home for 6 years we have made some improvements.  We have painted nearly every wall (minus closets and the laundry room) made some lighting updates and changed the floors in the kitchen and guest bathroom. We have also replaced the interior doors to suit my liking and are in the process of painting all the woodwork white. In addition we painted our kitchen cabinets. We also recently did a makeover of our guest bathroom and it's one of my favorite rooms in the house!

We have also done an overhaul on the yard. We have fenced and cross fenced nearly the whole property, tore out over 35 juniper bushes to make way for a front lawn and flower bed and planted a veg garden, berry patch, and fruit orchard. Additionally we have added a barn for the goats, a barn for the chickens and a barn for the horses. 

After digging out 35 junipers and removing a ton of gravel we finally planted grass. 

A year later and we added some birch trees and started planting flowers in the front flower bed. 

We really have made some great strides on our home and have made it work for us so far. 

With that being said, I have learned a lot about what I like, dislike, prefer and want/need in a house. The one we are living in just isn't fitting the bill (but will work for now).

I have a long list of things I would like our next house to have. Now some of these things I am totally willing to do in the house.

- at least 5 bedrooms (master, 3 childrens rooms and a guest room)
- at least 2.5 bathrooms (master, kids/guest and a powder room)
- large eat in kitchen with walk-in pantry (white cabinets are a must so if need be we will paint them) and preferably in a great room layout
- a separate formal dining room
- a separate formal living room 
- a playroom/craft room
- large closets
- a separate laundry room
- I would also love to have wood floors throughout (or at least in all the community areas and the master)
- not off a super busy street
- long driveway 
- private back yard
- mature trees
- covered sitting front porch 
- a generously sized back deck/patio
- additionally I would prefer lots of acreage with buildings for our animals and gardens/orchards (preferably already fenced)

Wow! When I put that all down on paper (or blog post) it sure does sound like something we aren't going to be able to find!!  That's okay! I know the right house will come along when it's supposed to!

So what are some things on your next house wish list?



  1. You guys have done a great job with your home. It looks beautiful and you should be so proud of yourself for all that work! Drew found a foreclosure home near us and we are looking at it tomorrow and I have NO want to move right now. Once I listed out all the things I would want in a home I realized how unrealistic I may be....but hey a girl can dream right!!

  2. Oh wow that list sounds completely perfect to me. I think you thought of everything.

    What an awesome job you have done to. It is nice to know that if things aren't exactly how you want, you can change that with a little bit of work!

  3. I hope your next house meets your whole wish list. For me, my biggest hope is for a yard with grass, area to have a garden and if I'm really shooting for the moon….a pool.

  4. We have lived in our home for exactly 6 years as well! Same thing, totally served it's purpose well but we have no aspirations and things to save up for and things to {hopefully} make room for so we want to get going on it! I have similar wishes to yours :) It may take a while but it's out there!!!

  5. A large pantry and open great room are key and top of mine list! gettin the layout right is so key bc paint, counters even floors can be changed. moving walls, plumbing etc is way harder! :) you'll find the right place!


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