Thursday, July 17, 2014

Friday Roundup

I am so happy that Karli of September Farm is hosting a Friday linkup! This girl is my jam!

So let's get to it:

Last weekend I got to take a stab at being a single mom. It ain't no joke. Parenting alone is hard. The hubs was at his lil brothers bachelor party for the weekend. Thankfully my MIL was home and we had some great girl time. We spent the day on Saturday over at her place playing on the trampoline, running through the sprinkler, and driving the "jeep"! Baby girl had a blast - until she bonked her forehead on the deck - cue the instabruise. But after a few tears she was ready for more!!

On Monday we added two new members to our farm! Stella and Delilah. They are four month old Nigerian Dwarf goats and just the cutest.  We now have four goats, one for each of our angel babies up in Heaven. Ellie has been having a blast putting on her Freshly Picked moccs and chasing them around. She is a true farm girl and it makes me so happy!

Ellie is so much fun with how mobile is is getting and I just love seeing her walk around everywhere! Some think it's a challenge, I find it a blessing!

Now that girlfriend is so mobile we are starting to "baby proof" our house. Actually just the cabinets in the kitchen. I'll post more about this soon but let's just say that a certain little someone was quite disappointed when they could no longer open the cabinets. 

And finally I came this close to deleting my FB this week. I just got totally overwhelmed with all the pregnancy announcements lately that it put my depression on the matter into overdrive. Infertility is no joke my friends. But then my wonderful husband reminded me that our friends deserve to be happy as we know many of them are having a challenging time and this is something they need. This is so true. We often don't know what the struggles that others are going through and who am I to deny them their joy? I'm glad I kept my FB and I need to focus on the positive and trust in God's timing in our family planning. 

Peace my friends and may your weekend be merry!!



  1. We have had our kitchen baby proofed for 6 months now, and Palmer is still disappointed every time she can't open the cupboards!!! Silly girls!

  2. How cute is her little swim suit?!?!

  3. This post is nothing but cuteness! Y'all in those sunglasses is too much. And those goats. Oh my! So stinkin' cute.

  4. Man baby proofing is a blast isn't it?! HA! I often struggled to unlock them myself but you have to do what is best to keep them safe! They are so worth it.

    The goats are SO CUTE and so is Ellie!

  5. Stella and Delilah are the BEST ... so much fun. I'd be so happy having them around!

  6. oh baby proofing is great... until they figure out how to undo the locks! Ps still love the new goats they're so cute!

  7. Oh my gosh, they are sooooo cute! I love goats, ha ha!
    Seriously, it is HARD work doing the single parenting thing!

  8. Oh my goodness, I don't feel like I've been out of the loop for THAT long, but Ellie looks so much bigger than the last time I checked in on her! But just as cute as ever, I see! ;-) I totally feel your pain about parenting alone. Stew went to a bachelor party as well recently and I was home with my little for five days! But my mom was with me so we had a good time bonding. Seriously though, I don't know how single parents do it!


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