Thursday, September 18, 2014


A number of weeks ago I signed up to participate in a virtual 5k race. It was virtual in the meaning that anyone anywhere could participate and run their own course!!

I did some light training but with my bum ankle it was touch and go. 

I sucked it up and took my "running buddy" with me!  One of the many perks I am finding out about being a SAHM! Since my training was a little lack luster I was just hoping to finish the whole race in about 30 minutes. 

So we got ready and packed up our stuff. We just did a couple of loops around our neighborhood. 

We took a short break mid-way so I could take a shot near the horse pasture. (This is out neighbors property). And then we were back on our way. 

I really haven't done much running since college. An the most I ever really did was my last spring quarter when I took a triathlon class! That was by far my favorite class and was so bummed it didn't take it all five years!!

We finally made it home and I met my goal! We finished just under 30 minutes and I am so pumped to keep it up!

Thank you so much to Jenny and Desiree for hosting this race and giving me the motivation to get off my ass!!

Have you ever run in a race before? Tell me all about it!!



  1. Um you did just under 30 with no training and a stroller?!?! Goodness gracious lady I am seriously impressed, that is awesome!

  2. That is so inspiring ! :) Keep it up !

    ~ Lu

  3. I totally ditto what Beth said -- no training + a stroller and under 30mins?! You're in some pretty amazing shape!! Love the pause with the horses! Great race and thanks for joining us!


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