Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What Ellie Wore Wednesday

I used to be really into fashion and the latest trends. Looking back at pictures of some of te outfits I actually wore out of the house is a little embarrassing. But I worked in a mall and had unlimited access to shopping during my breaks throughout the day. 

Since quitting my days at the mall and becoming a teacher, my style has become more classic an less trendy and my affinity for shopping has diminished. Well at least for myself!

Ellie on the other hand is the most fun to shop for! There are so many cute options out there (and many I can afford!) and girlfriend has a ton of clothes!

This is an outfit that Ellie wore not too long ago and I love it!

Jeans: Carter's
Top: Crazy 8
Cardi: Gymboree
Headband: Sweet T Boutique on etsy
Shoes: Freshly Picked in Blush

Do you find it more fun shopping for your little than yourself too?



  1. Love Gymboree!! I buy so much of my girls' stuff there!!

  2. I love gymboree! Actually I used to love carters but Callie's got too much booty to wear their skinny clothes anymore! haha!

  3. PS Ellie looks super cute in her outfit -- the colors really work for her!

  4. Uh duh. Abigail's stuff if way more awesome than mine.

    Although, most of the time I wish I could own her clothes in my size.

  5. ^ Completely agree with Courtney.

    I would totally wear Ellie's Cardi. So cute.

  6. I buy so much for Sadie and normally slack in buying myself much of anything clothing wise! I used to be a manager for American Eagle Outfitters so I constantly had super cute casual clothes! I've been treating myself to some new fall pieces this year though, and it's so much fun!


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