Sunday, September 21, 2014

{monthdate} sixteen months!

I can't believe that my little babe is 16 months already. 

This is hands down my favorite age to date!!


We finally went in for her 15 month appointment last week. 
Head is 18.5" (80%)
Height is 29" (6%)
Weight is 22.3 lbs (61%)
She has 10 teeth, the four front teeth on top and bottom and then one molar on top and one on bottom on the right side and the other two molars on the other side are cutting through!

Major Milestones:

• Ellie is a climber and totally dangerous!
• She is learning to eat with a spoon. 
• She definitely has a preference for what she wants to eat. 
• Signs "more"  "all done"  "milk"
• She makes this little uh-huh sound for a verbal "yes" and it's the cutest thing. 
• She is getting really good on her balance and can run. 
• She loves to read books and can point out 80% of the animals and says "baa" when she sees a sheep. 
• She can stack the rings on her ring stacker and loves to put the shapes in her shape sorter (sans lid). 
• waves "Hi" and "Bye" and blows kisses. 
• can point to eyes, mouth and nose when asked. 
• She stomps her feet an turns around in a circle when prompted. 
• She can brush her own teeth. 
• Can stand/balance on her toes. 

Ellie is just my little love. She is "talking" up a storm and a total character! She also loves to read and goes into her room to grab a book and then sits down on my lap to read or sometimes just sits in her room "reading" for a good 10 minutes. 

She is doing pretty good at going to sleep on her own although cutting her molars has kinda put a wrench in it. 

She absolutely loves to go outside and has become quite find of the puppies. We got her a Bitty Baby this past month and she loves to carry her around, give her kisses, and sit in her anywhere chair with her, as well as push her around in the doll stroller. 

Ellie is quite even tempered and has a good disposition. The doctor was surprised with how friendly she is.  

And my favorite moments. Ellie definitely knows what she wants. I got her some cowboy boots at Target last month and they are her faves. She will go and grab them then bring them to me and throw them at me and sit down so I will put them on her! So cute!!

- Ashley 

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