Thursday, September 4, 2014

If I won $1 million

think the first thing I would do would to put away half of it for Ellie's (and future children) college and wedding expenses and for retirement. 

With the other half, I would pay off all my outstanding infertility bills and other medical expenses, our truck, and credit cards. 

With the money left over we would start the adoption process again ASAP (it ain't cheap y'all) and start IVF (or maybe a less invasive process) because having a bio-baby is still something I so strongly desire. 

After all of those expenses are paid, I think we would put our house on the market and then find our forever property and build our dream home. 

Also, I think I would probably get my hairs did (colored more often than once a year and cut more often than every other year) and invest in some quality makeup brushes.  And any money left over we would use for our daily/yearly life. 

And because no post is complete without a picture:

My little helper in the garden!

What would you do if you won a million buckaroos? (After taxes)



  1. Fun post, I might have to do this one too! If I had a million dollars I would still teach, sell our house and live on our lake, and save the rest. Probably a nice vacation for my parents too. Ahhh....that would be nice!

  2. Love this! I'd do some similar thkngs like money for college, retirement and pay off jakes car. I think if also use the money to get all the bells and whistles we want in our new house that we can't quite fit into the budget. I'd probably keep a small mortar for tax purposes so set aside some money for vacations every year :) I've seen this post a few times might need to ad dr to my post idea list!

  3. Fun post. I love that last bit because I can totally relate! Probably why my hair is so long ;).

  4. I've definitely spent my future lottery win already in my head. I'd travel all over North America for a few months. I should also probably get a hair cut!


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