Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

Words cannot express how much I am loving being home with Ellie. If our finances allowed I could rock this SAHM thing for a LONG time. 

E and I are starting to get into a bit of a routine and I am loving having her on a nap schedule. While it's not set in stone it is my time to get chores done! And now that she is "used" to putting herself to sleep in her own - naptime and bedtime have become a lot less stressful!

One of my favorite things I am loving right now is how interested Ellie is with our puppies. It's taking them a while to get used to her as she makes them a little nervous. And I am constantly reminding her to be gentle and not hit the puppies. 

But it really is so sweet. I am looking forward to the days when they will cuddle and play with each other and have that awesome bond that I believe is so important for children!  Just yesterday Ellie was "throwing" the ball for Cooper. It was adorable. Although Coop got bored rather quickly as he only had to move 3 inches to retrieve te ball!! Too cute!

What are some of your favorite moments with your little and their pets?



  1. How adorable are they?!

  2. So cute! We're still working on getting Ezzy to put himself to sleep. Any magical tips that made it easier for you guys?

    The Joni Journey

  3. awwwww these pictures as soooo cute!!! A baby and a dog normally = my favorite kinds of pictures !

    tattered to taylored

  4. oh yes, no don't hit please...hands are for hugs! I say that or some variation of it 100 times a day. Just today mine was playing super well with my lady pup, who loves to shake play...Aria was holding on for all she was worth. First time. It was super cute. I'll be glad when she knows how to be gentle though. Excellent life skill!

  5. Nap time is the best time of day ever! :) She's so cute with your puppy. I love seeing Callie outside with all three animals and she's throwing the ball and still chasing the dog and then the cats get in on the chase too! Then she squeals the girliest little girl scream of joy i've ever heard and does it all again!

  6. I adored my time at home with Ryder this summer. But I must admit I'm enjoying being back at work quite a bit. I don't think daily interaction with just an infant is completely up my alley. ;-)


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