Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Update & Monday Meals Mashup

Okay y'all I think I can officially call myself a SAHM!! I had my last opportunity for a teaching job last Friday and they chose to go with another candidate. I can't tell you how much relief I felt. I just don't think I can leave Ellie!!

Saturday was Ellie's Adoption Day, we officially became a legal family on September 6,2013 so this was our one year anniversary. While we had a pretty low key day we fully enjoyed being together as a family and know that in the years to come this will be a big celebration day!

Also on Saturday I went to one of my best gals Engagement Party. I had such a great time and really enjoyed hanging out and "partying". It took a wild turn of events and I found myself playing flip-cup for the first time!! I think I need to let loose and have fun a lot more and allow myself to have a drink every now and again! (I've let myself be consumed with Infertility  for too long!)

Sunday we went to visit our nephew (my sister's brand new baby boy) and he is such a cutie! Ellie had a blast looking at him but was getting a little jealous of me holding him for so long!  After a quick visit with my sis I was off to a baby shower! What a baby filled day. We ended the weekend with a BBQ at my I laws for Grandparents Day. 

Here's what's cooking on the farm this week:

Monday: just our go to rib eye steak and then I can't wait to try these potatoes!!

Tuesday: we've had a butt load of zucchini this summer and I've been wracking my brain on different ways to prepare it!  I found this in my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook and thought I'd give it a try. 

Wednesday: since my sis has a new babe she can't go to The 5th Ave theatre with my dad for a musical so I get to go. Thomas and Ellie get to have a Daddy/Daughter date (just like me and my daddy!)

Thursday: we still have a can of Thai curry paste in our pantry so I think it's time to use it! I'll probably add in some of our green beans from our garden as well!

Friday: Thomas has a Seattle Sounders Soccer game so it's just me and Ellie for the night. We will probably have some sort of pasta!

Saturday: our green beans are doing great this year so I know we will have them for a side dish (I also have everything else for green bean casserole so that's probably our ticket) then since you can't just have green beans for dinner I think they go well with chicken. 

Sunday: can I consider it Fall now that school has started? Okay good! Now it's really time to start up Soup Sundays again!!

What are you cooking up this week?



  1. Aw, so much excitement here!!!!! Yay for SAHM and your one year!!! :)

  2. So exciting! Congratulations X 2! Being a SAHM is going to be so awesome for you. I worked for the first couple years and when I made the change it was such a relief and a blessing. What a great month for your family!


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