Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Little Things #5

I just love the link up that Jess and Ashley host every Wednesday. If you haven't checked out their blogs yet, go do that right now.  They have the most adorable little girls. 

The reason why I love this link up so much is because it really makes you stop and enjoy those little moments or things that can easily be forgotten.

I love spending time with my mini, Ellie.  We have fun making faces, twinning and I am loving her curls!

Twinning with our mint turbans she loved mine so much it was hard to keep it on my head!! I guess that means that I have to be more intentional of wearing hair accessories.  She is super good with hers, leaving them on!

She is so much fun now as she is starting to make faces!  So we play in the mirror a lot and when I have my act together I take pictures!  (and of course reaching for the iPhone which is off limits!!)

A number of people (family and friends - those without children) have asked "When do you usually give them their first haircut?" and they are usually asking this because they are commenting on her "rat-tail".  Ellie got what I call a "halo", when she lost/rubbed out her hair on the sides and the back section of her head leaving a mohawk with a gap in it. Now the bottom part of the hawk is long enough to show curls.  And I can't bring myself to cut them off.  I am hoping that it will all grow out fairly normal and look okay, I know eventually I am going to have to give a trim.

But those curls though!! So sweet!

♥ Ashley

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  1. She is so cute! I love that she will leave hair accessories in! But I say to cut it whenever your good and ready. We didn't cut Sydney's hair until last year when she was three. Then did her second hair cut last week

  2. She is your mini!!! Too cute!

  3. love the curls!! I say leave it and see if the rest fills in! my daughter will be 2 in May and she hasn't had a cut yet. we had some awkward hair phases but I waited and it grew out - totally worth it! do it when it feels right for you momma!!

  4. Visiting from the link up. Adorable curls! I would not want to cut them either! After the first haircut they don't look like babies anymore. :(

  5. Looks at those cheeks! Too cute. Hair cuts are so child dependent. Mine has mullet curls in the back and very little anywhere else. I have no intentions of cutting anything off until it kind of grows altogether. Nothing wrong with baby mullets and rat tails in my opinion!


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