Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Five

Can you believe that it is another Friday already?  I mean seriously time goes by so much faster when you become an adult (and I guess with a baby as well).  I think its probably because we have so many more responsibilities.  Like work, husband, parenting, bills, sleep, bills, and work.   
I have a lot of stuff on my mind but narrowing it down to just 5 things sounds really good right now.
[ O N E ]

We are just one week away from Valentines Day! Can you believe it?   This year however, we are celebrating two days earlier since we got tickets to a Musical at the 5th Ave  in Seattle.  So we are going to make a date of it.  If I had all the money and time in the world (and if I wore lipstick) this would be my outfit for next Wednesday.  I love me some nude shoes and since I am all of 5 ft they need to be platforms so these are perfect! I am a total bracelet girl and you can't go wrong with a bunch of gold bangles!! I love the simplicity of this dress and the softness of the lace top with the red bust peeking through.  I like the saying "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" but I like to think that "Headbands are a Girls Best Friend"!!

Valentines Date[ T W O ]

My husband and I don't really celebrate the holiday that much. Everything is so expensive around this holiday so we tend to keep it low key and stay home.   Our first Valentines together, we were in college, he made me dinner! Chicken Parm with Pasta and it was so good!  What a sweet man. We don't do cards (actually we make sure to go to the grocery store together and go down the Hallmark aisle.  I pick out a card / he picks out a card.  We hand them to each other and say I love you.  We read the respective cards and then put them back on the shelf)  

Can't Get Enough via 

[ T H R E E ]

It snowed last night!!  A whole whopping centimeter (maybe two)!!! I know that some of you in other parts of the country are sick of snow.  I probably will be in a few hours.  But as this is our "second" snow of the year it is just a little bit exciting.  However our temps are like 24 degrees so our snow is more like frozen and crunchy.  I am hoping that it is still around when I get out of work so we can attempt to make a snow man!  What are some of your fave activities to do in the snow?  With an 8 month old baby?

(we don't get a whole lot of snow around these parts so you can see this by my awesome "snow shoe" choice that I don't normally dress appropriately for the elements!)

[ F O U R ]
Our sweet little Ellie Faith is being dedicated at our Church on Sunday!  This has been a long time coming but we wanted to wait until she was officially ours and then time just got away from us.  We finally have it scheduled and practically our whole family is coming to celebrate with us.  After church we are heading back to our house for some food.  I made a lasagna a couple weeks ago and stuck it in the freezer - best idea ever because now I don't have to stress about preparing food.  Still have to get some nibs while its heating up but it should be a good time!

[ F I V E ]

I missed it this week but I like to post our Weekly Menu on Mondays here on this blog.  You can find previous ones here and here and here.  I have noticed that they are some of my most viewed posts so I am thinking that it might be fun to do a Recipe or Menu linkup on Mondays.  I wanted to call it "Meal Planning Mondays".  What do you think?  Would you be interested in that?

thank you so much for stopping by today and seeing what has been floating around my head lately.

♥ Ashley

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  1. I love your valentine's tradition! Total brilliance.

    And yay! Baby dedications!!!

  2. Girl, I'm with you on the Valentine's Day outfit! If I had the TIME and MONEY (always hard to come by!) I'd so get an outfit like that! I'd like a centimeter of snow! We havent gotten any yet :( and probably wont. (We never do!) And that picking out a card idea is THE BEST!! Seriously, I hate spending $6-9 on the perfect card for it to be tossed around/thrown away! That baby girl of yours, shes beautifullllll!!!! Lasagna is always a family gathering food for us! Happy weekend :D

  3. Thank you Brooke! Your comment is so sweet! Yes I think the card idea is the best too!! we also do it for birthdays and other holidays. Although sometimes I miss that I don't have any to put in some sort of book...but that's why we have children - we can get Ellie cards!!

  4. Me and my fiance tend to keep things low key as well. We can never find a reservation so I always just make a nice dinner (too risky if I let him try and cook) and stay in. :)

    AJ |

  5. Me and my fiance tend to keep things low key as well. We can never find a reservation so I always just make a nice dinner (too risky if I let him try and cook) and stay in. :)

    AJ |

  6. I think the vday cards in the asile is so cute! Also yay for date night! Hope you guys have a great time and enjoy a much deserved night out!

  7. I'm with ya on the V-Day plans! We keep it simple too. I would love to do some menu/foodie link-ups!! I'm always looking for menu ideas and a new recipe to try!

  8. Oh my gosh that's so funny how you go to Hallmark and read the cards to each other... genius! Because cards are expensive and we always end up recycling them after, anyway! :-) What are you seeing at the 5th Ave? I love theater so much, we used to be subscribers there and saw every show one year.


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