Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{weekly update} week 39

Oh my I can't believe that we have had yet another holiday under our belts with this little girl!! What a fantastic week we have had! Girlfriend has grown and learned so much this week. What fun it is. 

In other news we are gearing up for my favorite holiday, St. Patricks Day!!  I am so looking forward to celebrating this day with my little leprechaun!! 

Eats: Ellie Faith is just an eating machine!! While she loves her bottle she is getting really good at self feeding.  She loves Puffs.  We have introduced: carrots, mashed potatoes and prunes!!! YUM.  She is also really into eating when we are eating so she gets to eat Puffs while we have dinner.

Sleeps: We have had a few rough nights this week so I just bring her into bed with us.  But really she is just a sweetie and a great sleeper.  FYI she is still being swaddled at night but her naps she is a "free" girl!

Goes: Not really anywhere new.  Just out and about for errands, going to church with Miss J, and then to Nannies house. We got to have a great family dinner on Sunday with Thomas' side of the family and it was fun to enjoy each other.  Although Thomas and I did get to go out for an early Valentines Date last week, but Ellie stayed with her Nanny. We also went to the park and went down the slide for the first time. She loved it! Videos are on my IG (@lifeonthefarm) 

Does: Walking with assistance, scootching on her butt, rolling around like crazy and just a few "crawl" steps.  She also is quite the talker, bubble blower, and little entertainer.  Aside from getting good at self feeding she is just becoming more aware.  Oh yeah, she isn't a huge fan of being on her back so she isn't a huge fan of diaper changes when we first get her on the change table but then once we get started she is fine!  We also tried out our first Cloth Diaper this week.  We only have one (with two more in the Mail - thanks Erinn!!) so we will see how this venture goes..... 

Loves: Books, toys, exersaucer, walker, shoulder rides, standing and walking.  Sophie is a huge hit this week.

Mama: Actually I think I had a really good week.  I really enjoyed getting that alone time with Thomas but it made me love our little family that much more!  We started to do our taxes and that was a little stressful and I am really trying to figure out how I can be a better contributor to our family financially. 

Dear sweet Ellie Faith we love you.  I can't believe you are already 39 weeks but you have grown and learned so much!! We are ready for you to get all "greened" out for St. Patricks Day!!  and Mama can't wait for you to celebrate this day with her!!

♥ Ashley


  1. Oh my gosh, those cheeks! I just love them so much. :-) And she really seems to love Sophie the Giraffe, huh? It seems like that thing is a miracle toy... we just got one for Baby Boy, too, and I'm sure he'll love it!

  2. OMG those cheeks!! She is a total DOLL!! Such an adorable little girl you have!

  3. Is she standing?! She looks so cute standing there!!! Such a sweetie!


  4. :) what a cutie pie!!!!



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