Tuesday, February 25, 2014

{weekly update} week 40

OMG Ellie Faith is 40 weeks old today! How on earth did that happen? She grown and changed so much! I can't believe how big my little girl is getting. She is absolutely so fun to play with as she is so much more interactive and aware!

Eats: Girlfriend is really into self feeding this week.  She totally knows what her bottle is, we ask her if she wants a bottle and show it to her - if she is hungry she reaches for it, kicks her feet and gets really excited.  Also when we show her a full bottle she gets super excited and then cries because we have to get her "into position" for feeding; bib, boppy, sitting.  She now insists on holding the bottle and loves bread!  better start getting her some whole grain bread instead of sourdough!

Sleeps: Nothing too new here except that I am trying to rock her back to sleep in her own room when she has middle of the night wake ups so I can put her back into her crib rather than bringing her into bed with us.  Although she does come in now for morning time and we love to have that snuggle time!

Goes: I don't think she really went anywhere new this week.  Just to church, out with Miss J, restaurants.  Oh she did come to my doctors appointment last week and was a total gem!  Then she had her 9 month appointment yesterday.  Girlfriend is a rockstar!! two shots and barely a tear!

Does: Self feeds bread, peas, and puffs.  Holds the bottle.  She started waving this week and has waved "bye-bye" to me a few times when I have had to leave for work (melt my heart!) Still not walking or crawling but she is a rolling machine!

Loves: Her walker, striped mouse's tail - she sucks on it all the time (see photo below), her connect-a-rings, Sophie, stack-a-rings, shoulder rides, raspberries, grunting noises and elephant noises.  She is also a huge fan of the bathtub!! I think we should start swimming lessons soon!

Mama: I had my annual last week.  All looks good and my Thyroid has actually normalized on its own (it is no longer hyper active!! yaya).  It was recommended that I go to a Neurologist to help figure out how to manage my migraines better so I don't miss out with Ellie so much.  I wasn't feeling 100% this weekend a little sick and my voice is starting to leave me today but otherwise I think I am doing pretty good, minus the neck pain I am having.

Sweet baby girl we love you so much.  I am having so much fun playing and making faces with you.  I just love how much you are learning and seeing your cute little personality shining through!!

♥ Ashley

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