Friday, February 14, 2014

High Five Its Friday!!

Another Friday means we all get to give each other a High Five for making it to the weekend!!  Not only that but today, you can double check your calendar and see that it is February 14th!! Also known as St. Valentines Day!! Get your heart on everybody!

{ O N E }

Have you heard of #teamteddy yet?

This week for Five on Friday we are hoping to spread the word and make awareness for Menkes Syndrome that sweet little Teddy was diagnosed with.   Basically Menkes Syndrome is a disease that affects the Nervous System and the bodies ability to synthesize Copper.  It is more common in males than females but really only affects every 1 in 450,000 people.  It is a fatal disease and there really isn't much information available on it.  I even checked the CDC and came up blank.

So Teddy is only 10 months old and as of right now there is no cure.  We are hoping to spread awareness (I have already been telling my students about it) and hopes of finding ways to prolong life.  If you want to learn more about Teddy you can click here to take you to a family friend's blog.

{ T W O }

Girlfriend has been in all sorts of pink this week in honor of today.  Here is a little peek at her outfits. I mean adorable right?

{ T H R E E }

We usually stay in for Valentines Day.  But this year my dad gave us tickets to go see Spamalot at the 5th Ave Theatre in Seattle.  So we took advantage and had an early Vday celebration.  We went to one of my most favorite restaurants The Georgian. We had a fabulous dinner - basically our first real date since bringing home Ellie and laughed the Musical away!  I even had a drink and for those of you who know me know that that is pretty wild!!

{ F O U R }

I took some shameless bathroom selfies this week.  I know I don't do it very often (at least that I share with y'all) but here they are.  Why was I obsessed this week?  Well I figured out how to use my hair straightener for something other than straightening.  That's right folks! I learned how to curl my hairs and I wanted to show all of you!  I have tried this before but just royally screwed it up.  This week the lights turned on and it just "clicked".  So now I am obsessed.  You might be seeing a lot more curly hair from this point forward, just don't hold your breath!

 { F I V E }

Since today is Valentines Day and I have some new followers I wanted to share with you about my Husband and I being teammates in life.  To read the full story you can click HERE!!  I love this man and that we view each other as equals.  God really knew what he was doing when he made Thomas!

♥ Ashley

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  1. I love your blog

  2. I just love the photo of you & Ellie both in pink and her little pony on the top of her head! :) Happy vday!

  3. Ha ha ha I love the shameless selfies... your outfits are always so cute!


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