Sunday, February 23, 2014

{meal planning} on the menu:

As you may have noticed we like to have Soup on Sundays. It's this little tradition that I started not know that it was something that my mom grew up with as well. I am so happy to carry this on and share it with our dear Ellie Faith!

I made a super duper good soup today: Buffalo Chicken Soup with franks buffalo sauce.  The soup even has blue cheese in it. It was so good. I'll put the recipe up later this week!

Monday: our Safeway sells simmer sauces and they have Butter Chicken (an Indian dish). We love it. So all we do is add chicken, mushrooms, onions and peppers to the sauce and simmer according to the directions on the jar. Then we also cook rice and have naan (Indian flatbread). It's so good. And the jars are an awesome size and shape so I save them for repurposing for vases, etc. 

 Tuesday: we got potstickers at Costco a while ago and they have been in the freezer. So I'm gonna fry them up and make some fried rice. I will come up with a recipe but basically rice, carrots, peas, soy sauce, and egg. 

Wednesday: I am currently obsessed with my moms baked chicken - I will post the recipe soon but I am probably going to try one from Pinterest. And then just some sautéed green beans! Yum

Thursday: not gonna lie it was hard coming up with something for this day. Pizza is always good. Not sure if we are going to go frozen, takeout or homemade. But it's pizza and you can't go wrong. 

Friday: we have been craving some good ole burgers up in this joint. So we're headed to RR to meet that need!! If I'm really hungry I'll go for the Whiskey River BBQ Burger with fries as Campfire sauce, if we are feeling a little cheap then we get the tavern double (sub cheddar) and most likely the pig out style. I mean you gotta keep it real, if you're going to RR for a burger you don't hold back!

Saturday: this was a toughie. Obviously so since I said we are having leftovers. That might change as the week progresses. 

Sunday: I have been wanting to make a potato leek soup for so long. This weeks the week! Hopefully it's good. 

What are you having? Any recipes to share? Leave your link in the comments section I'd love to check it out!


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  1. We always buy all the different simmer sauces from Trader Joes and then throw them in the crock pot with frozen chicken breasts. Then we'll just eat that over rice all week long with some veggies on the side. I didn't have time to pull that together this week, but I did make a huge batch of tortellini with chicken and broccoli that should last us throughout the next few days. I love reading your meal plans!


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