Tuesday, February 11, 2014

{weekly update} week 38

Holy heck how are we already at 38 weeks!! Ellie has almost been out of the oven for the amount of time she had been cooking!!  Eventful week with getting over coxsackievirus and then preparing for her Dedication Day!  Somehow girlfriend ha manage to get cuter each and every day of her life!!

Eats: we actually haven't tried anything new this week. Girlfriend is loving both her "solid" foods and her bottle. She is also getting really good at self feeding puffs!

Sleeps: after she got over her coxsackievirus she's been sleeping like a gem about 11 1/2 hours at night Yaya!!!!

Cries: not too bad but occasionally when you look at her funny or when she decides that the vacuum is a monster or when she's overly tired and sometimes when her teeth are hurting her, so sad. 

Does: on Saturday she started walking when we held her underneath her armpits! Now she really likes to do it, I'm thinking we might just skip the crawling altogether. Making a lot of noises and being super active with playing with all of her toys. 

Goes: The Northwest Flower and Garden Show on Saturday, church for her dedication on Sunday and she's just been a great little girl just hanging out with mama and daddy at home! 

Loves: her exersaucer, all of her toys, puffs, and trying to walk. And as usual she absolutely loves shoulder rides a great way to get her happy and smiling again if she's been a little fussy.

Mama: I had such a wonderful time during a little party for her dedication on Sunday and getting to spend time with family. Every time I look at her sweet little face I just melt and fall in love all over again.

Sweet sweet dear little Ellie Faith, I love you so much. Your cute little chubby cheeks are just so kissable.  I love your personality and watching as you develop into a beautiful wonderful strong little girl. I love you little laugh which brings me so much joy, your sweet little expressions and your little mean mug face is the cutest thing ever!

♥ Ashley

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  1. Oh my gosh, her little cheeks, I just want to kiss them and pinch them! Adorable. She's getting so big! Time flies, huh?


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